Libere el poder de
para sus clientes en
22 de septiembre de 2020
Listen to insights from these experts in your own language!

Live translation to Portuguese and Spanish

Renisha Rowe

Strategic Partnerships

WhatsApp Inc

Marcelo Negrao

Technical Sales Director


Carla Omil

Sales Manager


Luciana Carneiro

Sales Manager


Manuel Sanchez

Sales Director


Beerud Sheth

CEO and co-founder


Ravi Sundararajan

Chief Operating Officer


Nirmesh Mehta

VP-Technology Architecture


Kunal Patke

VP Engineering


Anindita Guha

Associate Director


Divya Papneja

Senior Manager - Product


Vinicius Soares

Business Evangelist


Escuche cómo WhatsApp está impulsando la economía conversacional
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Qué esperar

Esta conferencia, exclusiva para proveedores de CRM y otros Vendedores Independientes de Software (VIS), cubrirá una amplia gama de temas sobre:

  • Políticas de WhatsApp
  • Los casos de uso más exitosos
  • Tipos de herramientas y soporte disponibles
  • Ideas clave del equipo de WhatsApp
  • Las mejores prácticas de la industria
  • Dando el siguiente paso para incorporar a tus clientes


Sesión Horario (BRT) (UTC -3) Orador
Event Opening 11:00AM Anindita Guha, Associate Director, Gupshup
Keynote 11:45AM Beerud Sheth, CEO and co-founder, Gupshup
Ravi Sundararajan, Chief Operating Officer
WhatsApp Business API: Powering the conversational economy 12:30PM Renisha Rowe, Strategic Partnerships, WhatsApp Inc
WhatsApp, the preferred channel 1:30PM Marcelo Negrao, Technical Sales Director, Fortics
GS tech roadmap and Client Onboarding 2:15PM Moderator:
Anindita Guha, Associate Director, Gupshup

Kunal Patke, VP Engineering, Gupshup
Nirmesh Mehta, VP-Technology Architecture, Gupshup
Divya Papneja, Senior Manager- Product, Gupshup
Vinicius Soares, Business Evangelist, Gupshup
WhatsApp Business API: what has changed since August 2018 3:15PM Carla Omil, Sales Manager, Callbell;
Luciana Carneiro, Sales Manager, Callbell
Tips and Practices For Business Process Automation With Chatbots 4:00PM Manuel Sanchez, Sales Director, Chat-Bots
Conclusion and AMA 4:45PM Open for all

Detalles del evento

22 de septiembre de 2020
11:00 am BRT (UTC-3) en adelante
Partners for Communica8
Obtenga créditos GS gratuitos y cupones sorpresa

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