Conversational Interface

Leveraging Conversational Interface to boost sales

Conversational selling


Vimal Cherangattu

Manager – Product Marketing |

Apr 24, 2018


Imagine this

You need to buy a diaper for your baby and you have no clue what brand, what make or quality? A diaper consultant reaches out to you. She attentively notes your requirements, carries out a feasibility study, checks price-fit and recommends a diaper you should go for. She processes your order and ensures delivery. And all of this under 30 minutes, impressive right?

Now imagine this- you own this diaper consultancy firm. How much do you think per conversion cost would be? Darn high!!!

Cut to 2018, you can actually do this. With an exception that this consultant will be an automated bot who is actually conversing with thousands of prospects but each one of them feels exclusive, giving you crazy ROI. That, my dear diaper enthusiasts is the power of Conversational Interface.

Every friend-having individual kind of understands the power of chat. The penetration of the chat platforms (SMS, FB Messenger, Slack etc.) is incontestable. This is the exactly what every sales oriented company needs to use to its advantage.

It is not creative if it doesn’t sell – David Ogilvy

If you have ever flipped through pages of any marketing textbook you don’t need me to tell you how personal selling dominates every other aspect of marketing. Conversational selling is nothing but automated personal selling.

Cost is not the only element that makes personal selling one of the most ideal yet impractical ways to sell; it is also the time factor. The sales cycle, in case of personal selling is usually steep and it at times end up with your prospects ghosting on you. Quicker sales cycles directly impact your conversion rates. An automated approach dramatically improves sales cycles, thereby giving you the best of both the worlds.

Conversational selling is an inevitable route that businesses will have to take and like Jack Welch rightly puts it “Change before you have to”.