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Create a WhatsApp Bot – A 100% No-code Guide

The launch of the WhatsApp Business API was a major turning point in the way the businesses interacted with their consumers. It opened up various avenues through which customers and businesses could converse, and enabled businesses to respond to their customers’ queries in real time. With this API, several businesses have seen a significant uptick in their sales and revenues.

One of the many different ways businesses can interact with prospective customers is via a WhatsApp chatbot.

A WhatsApp chatbot is an automated conversational software. It enables customers to get answers to common essential questions about a business through WhatsApp, by chatting with a virtual assistant. All they need to do is pose their question to the chatbot, as they would to any other real person via WhatsApp’s chat interface. The answers given by the WhatsApp chatbot are typically automated, and usually instantaneous. There are various types and levels of WhatsApp chatbots, and the extent to which they can answer customers’ questions varies with the level to which they have been “trained”.

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Introducing the Template Bot Builder

Bots are on a steep rise. Bots provides an option to the users to use their messaging app on the mobile device to interact with a brand or business. Hence, every brand or business no matter how big or small is trying to use bots to increase their reach and engage with their customers. We are already witnessing bots being created in various fields of businesses like travel, customer support, accounting, e-commerce etc.

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The Bot Lifecycle


By Beerud Sheth

Founder & CEO | Gupshup

Bots are exciting. Everyone is talking about it and everyone wants to build one. Some of the early bots have gotten mixed reviews — they’re interesting, but they’re essentially toys. As people start working bots with more capabilities, developers must appreciate and plan for the entire bot lifecycle. From our experience building hundreds of advanced bots, and helping developers build thousands more, below is what we see as the end-to-end bot building process. Continue Reading