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How Chatbots Are Transforming the Healthcare Industry

“The advancement of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.”

This quote by Bill Gates on technological innovation is apt when you consider how AI-powered conversational chatbots are revolutionizing almost all sectors. They have impacted the healthcare industry as well. While scientists and doctors are pushing the boundaries of medicine, breakthroughs in technology like NLP (natural language processing) and ML (machine learning) are changing how patients and doctors communicate.

2020 was a rough year for the healthcare industry. Everyone is still in a rush to find solutions to cope with their medical crises in the pandemic. Researchers are now looking for AI-based solutions that can crawl through a large volume of data and provide meaningful insights. Today, patients need a platform that offers quick access to information and other medical facilities. Chatbots are one of the solutions that have the power to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

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Conversational AI vs Email Support : Which is Better Customer Service?

Businesses always look for innovative ways to connect with their customers for both selling products and services and assisting them with grievances. Phone support was one of the most popular customer support methods and with time and changing lifestyles, SMS and emails started gaining traction. Further, as the messaging apps became prevalent, SMS became less popular and email support was considered good for issue resolutions.

With the introduction of conversational AI chatbots, the use of emails has reduced and taken over the market due to its ease of service. Let’s start with the pain points that users face in communication. Moreover, we will learn about the ways to overcome them. Conversational AI and email support are two such ways, and the comparison between them is the highlight of this article.

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This is why you should integrate live chat feature into your bots

Convenience. That’s the one word to aptly suffice the no. 1 reason to have chatbot automation. You can never have enough of it! By that we mean, that chatbots can exist and operate for you to solve from pesky little to far more complex issues.

Your users may be very demanding and even after your bot repeatedly informs them about its limitations, they are still aggressive with their queries and on the verge to label your bots – “Dumb!” That’s where live chat comes into the picture. A smooth means to keep your customers happy!

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Using Chatbots in Customer Service

This cartoon may seem familiar if you’ve ever had to call up a customer service number. Trying to speak to a customer service executive and then getting an answer to your query is largely an exercise in increasing stress levels. Usually one ends up pressing a series of buttons only to be put on hold indefinitely while being subjected to piped music.

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