Illustraion Simple & easy way to build bots

Simple & easy way to build bots

Using our simple and intuitive graphical interface, create your bot with just a few button clicks. No programming required

Illustraion One-click Publish

Inbuilt Intelligence

Easily integrate our natural language processing capabilities, manage smalltalk and dynamic response variations

Illustraion Manage complexity with Tree view

Manage complexity with Tree view

The tree view helps navigate complex bot flows and interactions, guiding you through the bot building process

Illustraion Robust Platform

Instant preview

With our integrated chat widget and messenger preview options, build, iterate and test your bot before going live

Illustraion Build once and done!

Build once and done!

With over 20 channel integrations, publish your bot across multiple channels easily

Bot Builder Tools FAQ

A bot developer or bot builder tool like Gupshup's flow bot builder provides an easy-to-use graphical interface to create a fully functional bot in just a few minutes. This tool requires no programming knowledge and involves zero coding, so even non-developers can build advanced conversational bots on their own. Users and bots can interact with each other to ask questions, exchange information, and engage in meaningful, results-oriented conversations for mutually-beneficial outcomes.

As long as bot builder tools are used to build bots that help or serve people, it is legal to use bots. On the other hand, if a bot is used to do illegal things, such as ticket scalping, or to communicate with someone to incentivise a sale or transaction, it constitutes an illegal use of bots.

The extent of legality usually depends on the bot's operating country. Bots used for unethical activities like price, product or content scraping, sending form submission, or leaving comment spam or rogue reviews, are usually not considered illegal. However, hurt businesses (or consumers).

Gupshup's flow bot builder provides a simple way to build legal bots for a wide variety of use cases. Integrate its natural language processing capabilities to develop bots that can carry on natural-sounding conversations. Navigate complex bot flows and interactions with a tree view, and publish the bot across multiple channels easily.

A bot tool is an application to build customer-facing bots, and automate conversations without the need for complicated coding or technical expertise. With Gupshup's flow bot builder, anyone can build rich, conversational bots, even if they're not developers or technical specialists. This bot builder tool provides all the required building blocks to build chatbots, apps and custom integrations for 20+ major messaging channels. To get started with a custom bot for your business, click here.

A bot builder SDK (Software Development Kit) is a set of software tools that make it easy to create bots for any number of business use cases. SDK tools include many ready-made assets, like libraries, code samples, documentation, processes, etc. for developers to use, and integrate into their apps.

Usually, SDKs are designed for specific platforms or programming languages. So, to build an Android app, an Android SDK toolkit is required, but an iOS app requires an iOS SDK. Similarly, a bot can be created with a bot builder SDK with .NET. To build a bot for your business quickly and without worrying about these technical details, explore Gupshup's zero-code flow bot builder.

A bot builder tool can be used to create any kind of bot to meet different business needs. For example, a bot can work as a virtual storefront, or provide other paid services. Another example is a bot that sends relevant content to a customer as soon as it's published (e.g. on a website or in a newspaper).

Custom bots can provide users with alerts, purchase notifications, weather forecasts, or other information. A bot can also enrich chats within a Messenger service like WhatsApp or Telegram with content from third-party providers.

With Gupshup's zero-code flow bot builder, you can build any kind of bot for your business for any purpose, and integrate it with 20+ channels. Manage small talk and dynamic response variations, navigate complex flows, and test your bot before going live. Click here to get started.

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Added below language support for WhatsApp,

Bot developers for Line: With the release of Line Messaging API, all BOT API Trial Accounts are scheduled to be deleted. Please republish your bot according to new Line implementation, mentioned under Publish tab in My Bots section.

New tool for non-developers- Our Flow Bot Builder helps users create their bot messaging flow with a graphical editor. tool is now available for developing your NLP/AI bot.

Gupshup Enterprise APIs (SMS,Voice and Email) are now available directly in the APIs section.

New channels added for publishing bots- and your website as a web widget.

Now you can access our services including the bot builder tool using your Facebook login credentials.

Now you can delete the dummy bots created for testing from the My Bots Dashboard.

You can now access Bot specific data from your Dashboard itself.

Introducing a hassle free bot development experience for users to instantly create bots using our pre-defined restaurant templates. Check out our blog to know more.

We are removing few redundant parameters, that were being sent when a callback happens to your bot (i.e. inbound message comes to your bot).

Following is the list of parameters.

  1. sender
  2. message
  3. context

However, we will continue to send following parameters. If you are using any of the deprecated parameters, we request you to use these alternatives.

  1. senderobj
  2. messageobj
  3. contextobj

You are requested to make a note of this and do the necessary changes immediately to your bot code to keep it working. Should you need any help, please feel free to send an email to