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Easy booking, happy customers

Easy booking, happy customers

24x7 online booking at their fingertips keep clients happy and convert more customers

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Auto reminders & cancellations

Auto reminders & cancellations

Automatically send appointment reminders & automatically rebook clients that cancel

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Drive repeat bookings

Drive repeat bookings

Automatically remind clients to book the next appointment and keep them coming back

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Free your front desk for better tasks

Free your front desk for better tasks

Automate appointment scheduling and free your staff to better engage with onsite clients

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Get insights - on the go

Real-time reports

Reports and insights at your fingertips that help you measure and grow your business

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Kassandra Kuehl

CEO & Founder at Beauty Ecology Organic Salon

Working with Gupshup helped me significantly increase my efficiency as a business owner. The simple and efficient appointment booking solution ensured our guests had a personalized experience every time they visited our salon.

MindBody Platform Offers Beauty On Demand with New Intelligent Chat Bots
Podcast - Chatbots Are Growing Her Business 10X With Kassandra Kuehl

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The bot space is constantly evolving. Stay updated

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Bot developers for Line: With the release of Line Messaging API, all BOT API Trial Accounts are scheduled to be deleted. Please republish your bot according to new Line implementation, mentioned under Publish tab in My Bots section.

New tool for non-developers- Our Flow Bot Builder helps users create their bot messaging flow with a graphical editor. tool is now available for developing your NLP/AI bot.

Gupshup Enterprise APIs (SMS,Voice and Email) are now available directly in the APIs section.

New channels added for publishing bots- and your website as a web widget.

Now you can access our services including the bot builder tool using your Facebook login credentials.

Now you can delete the dummy bots created for testing from the My Bots Dashboard.

You can now access Bot specific data from your Dashboard itself.

Introducing a hassle free bot development experience for users to instantly create bots using our pre-defined restaurant templates. Check out our blog to know more.

We are removing few redundant parameters, that were being sent when a callback happens to your bot (i.e. inbound message comes to your bot).

Following is the list of parameters.

  1. sender
  2. message
  3. context

However, we will continue to send following parameters. If you are using any of the deprecated parameters, we request you to use these alternatives.

  1. senderobj
  2. messageobj
  3. contextobj

You are requested to make a note of this and do the necessary changes immediately to your bot code to keep it working. Should you need any help, please feel free to send an email to