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Srinivas B Vijayaraghavan - VP Marketing
Srinivas B Vijayaraghavan
VP Marketing
Adwit Sharma
Adwit Sharma
Senior Product and Strategy Manager


In today's episode of the Conversational Messaging Podcast, Gupshup's Senior Product and Strategy Manager, Adwit Sharma, joins VP Marketing Srinivas to discuss how conversational messaging makes company processes and communications seamless. Tune in and see what you're missing by not automating your HR processes.
Communicate More Naturally
Because of the pandemic, many companies have switched to remote setups. While this brought many issues as employee communication can no longer happen face-to-face, there is a way for companies to still make communication seamless, easy, and natural. Adwit believes that many work-related issues, instead of being raised through complex processes (i.e. ticketing system) can be resolved through automation using common messaging channels such as Slack, WhatsApp, Instagram, Hangouts, etc.
We are improving usability as well as availability, using conversational automation without replacing anything that already helps and works for an organization.
Adwit Sharma, Senior Product and Strategy Manager
Easier Company Processes
Conversational AI is beneficial for Human Resources (HR) as it can make HR processes (i.e. hiring, onboarding, etc) easier. Simple inquiries like scheduling an interview, sending out documents, all the way to setting up the company equipment, if tied to an automated messaging channel, can be a great help in reducing inconvenience not only from the HR officer's perspective but also from the new employee's. Automating company processes may also be helpful for employees wanting to file leaves, get payslips, amongst others.
It's Not Complicated
For Adwit, the beauty of automation and tying it to messaging channels lies with the fact that it's not a complicated process for the companies at all. Once you select a vendor to oversee the entire automation process, integration framework and engineering resources, business analysts, and a conversational design team are all provided. There's also no need for employees and the company to heavily adjust with the new systems as automation is commonly tied with Teams, Slack, and WhatsApp, which people use on a day-to-day basis.
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