Get closer to customers with WhatsApp Quality Based Messaging

Accelerate the buyer journey and unlock business growth at scale across the customer journey


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Accelerate the buying journey

Accelerate the buying journey through full funnel conversations

  • Initiate new WhatsApp conversations with consumers without the 24-hour window restriction
  • Qualify leads by verifying customer requirements and parameters such as location, profile, and budget
  • Drive lead conversion by re-engaging customers with cart reminders, flash deals, and back-in-stock alerts
Customer engagement

Customer engagement

top wave
Drive customer lifetime

Drive customer lifetime value and repeat purchases with personalized outreach

  • Send alerts about upcoming appointments, plan renewals, replenishment needs and price changes
  • Recommend similar and ‘frequently bought together’ items, subscriptions, bundles to ease product discovery
  • Inform customers about new launches and offers based on purchase history
Higher conversion rate

Higher conversion rate

Bottom Wave
Optimize costs and serve better with intuitive support

Leverage built-in checks to manage quality rating

  • Obtain WhatsApp opt-in for relevant offers, order updates, and appointment reminders
  • Maintain high quality conversations with built-in control governance and limits on frequency
  • Maintain account health by monitoring user feedback, campaign template rating, quality history and reasons
Higher ROI over email, in-app push and SMS

Higher ROI over email, in-app push and SMS

  • +62%

    Upsell &
    cross-sell revenue

  • 5X

    Increase in
    read rates

  • 1.7X

    likelihood to purchase

Why WhatsApp for marketing campaigns?

  • More likely to be read

    More likely to be read

    Provide tangible value to customers with personalized outreach and CTAs

  • Higher CLTV with repeat business

    Higher CLTV with repeat business

    Build high value relationships by engaging customers in a timely manner with relevant alerts, abandonment notifications and recommendations

  • Fewer unsubscribes and blocks

    Fewer unsubscribes and blocks

    Manage quality of customer outreach via explicit customer opt-ins and limits on frequency of outreach

Tools to maintain high-quality customer experience

  • Timely messages

    Timely messages

    Send timely alerts and messages based on triggers, actions (or lack of action)

  • Relevant to the user

    Relevant to the user

    Personalize messages for specific customer and segment, outlining next steps and CTAs

  • Monitor quality rating

    Monitor quality rating

    Keep track of number of messages per phone number, account and template with smart control governance

  • Approved templates

    Approved templates

    Leverage variety of pre-approved templates for marketing, OTP and transactional use cases

  • A/B testing

    A/B testing

    A/B tests for performance optimizations across message types and audience segments

  • Opt-out management

    Opt-out management

    Option for end users to easily opt-out to maintain quality rating

Drive conversations and commerce across industries


Automate & streamline complex financial processes such as KYC, lending, credit checks, EMI collection and offer a personalized customer experience.


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