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On July 4, 2017

Chatbots are on the rise – this is being said by everyone who is associated with the bot ecosystem. Well, they might be right because chatbots have the potential and have shown promises of solving different problems with ease. If numbers are an indication of success there are 100k unique chatbots solely on Facebook Messenger within a year and chatbots like Swelly has 3M+ users on them. These numbers increase if we count other major platforms like Slack, Viber, MS teams etc.

Staying in sync with the hype, Gupshup has developed some amazing bots for various clients. Here’s a look at a few popular ones from the long list

Hello Pegg ( m.me/hellopegg )

It’s an accounting bot and one of its kind. It helps users by keeping track of their income and expenses on the fly, record receipts and helps to track spendings. It is partially keyword driven but also has slot filling implemented in order to get all the required fields. It is very useful when you want to log all your spendings and incomes while on the run. Just open Facebook Messenger and talk to the bot. You can say things like “I spent 100 at Starbucks for client meeting” or “I received 200 from a client for web project” or “How much did I spend last week” etc. It also provides a link to check all the logged transactions.

It has processed 378K conversations so far since it was launched and the numbers are growing exponentially.

Titan Company E-store ( m.me/Titancompanyestore )

The first e-commerce bot developed by Gupshup. It helps you to find the right merchandise from Titan’s official E-store and also has live customer support built in. This bot has a combination of NLP, slot filling and structured messages. You can either use the buttons to navigate through the menus or you can type in your query in free text and the bot will understand. Example – You can choose product, gender etc and navigate through the flow by clicking the buttons or you can also say something like “want a watch for men below 3000” which will display results for watches below 3000INR for men. To buy the watch you will be taken to the Titan E-store.

It has processed more than 4M conversations so far which is a huge number given that the bot went live in the first week of February 2017.

Aptech http://www.onlinevarsity.com/ )

Aptech is a global learning solutions company present in 40 countries providing e-courses through their onlinevarsity platform. They get a lot of queries around the online platform and the e-courses provided and hence they partnered with Gupshup to develop a FAQ bot to automate this service. The bot is attached to their website using Gupshup’s web widget and is trained with FAQ set using NLP to understand the queries from the user queries and respond back with appropriate answers. The queries include questions on login problem, profile updation, account accessibility issues, new purchase etc.

This bot has processed over 565K conversations which is a huge number given that it is live on their website only.

BeMore m.me/BeMoreBot )

A bot for fun. It helps in predicting your future profession by assuming that with all the automation coming, we all would be free from our boring jobs. The bot asks for certain information about your interests and how deep are you into that interest. It has inbuilt logic based on which it computes the data you selected and returns your profession with a description and a GIF plus an option to share the same with your friends.

This bot has processed 24K conversation within 2 months.

Vogue India ( m.me/VogueIndia )

A fashionista bot for Vogue India. This bot brings you the latest buzz from fashion, beauty, party and culture from India and all across the globe directly into your Facebook messenger. You can read top stories from Vogue India, subscribe to get alerts, search for news and also share the news with your friends on Facebook. This bot uses the structured messages from Facebook very intuitively making the chat experience smooth.

Launched last month it has already processed more than 7K conversations.

Team Gupshup
Team Gupshup

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