Turn shoppers into repeat buyers with Conversational Retail

Deliver expert guidance anytime, anywhere, and sell more with a personalized and easy-to-navigate shopping experience on chat


Trusted by leading Retail, CPG, D2C & eCommerce brands

Move shoppers through the funnel faster

Move shoppers through the funnel faster

  • Allow customers to discover products by searching with keywords or stating their needs in natural language
  • Create a personalized experience based on browsing behavior, transactions and conversational data
  • Show contextual offers and promotions to prompt purchases and action
Lower Customer <br> Acquisition Cost

Lower Customer
Acquisition Cost

top wave
Convert new visitors and increase CLTV

Convert new visitors and
increase CLTV

  • Recommend products based on consumer preferences and their recency, frequency and monetary segment
  • Send abandoned cart alerts and nudge on 30+ channels including WhatsApp and SMS, with easy payment links
  • Drive repeat purchases with back-in-stock alerts, new arrivals, cross-sell suggestions and rebuy notifications
Higher Upsell & <br> Cross-sell Revenue

Higher Upsell &
Cross-sell Revenue

Bottom Wave
Optimize costs and serve better with intuitive support

Optimize costs and serve
better with intuitive support

  • Answer routine queries such as shipping status and payment status with AI automation
  • Humanize the experience with intuitive text, voice, and video-based interactions for complex queries and concerns
  • Interact in multiple languages, support 24*7 and automate delivery updates, return and replacement requests
Lower Support Costs

Lower Support Costs

  • 11%

    Influenced purchases
    by chat

  • 95%

    AI accuracy of routine

  • 2B+

    retail messages
    per month

Why Choose Us?

  • 25+ pre-built journeys

    25+ pre-built journeys

    An AI retail assistant with micro journeys including product discovery, size finder, product recommendation, FAQ, etc.

  • 30+ channels

    30+ channels

    Integrate 30+ messaging channels through Text, Voice, and Video to create a ‘shop anywhere’ experience.

  • Retail AI Brain

    Retail AI Brain

    A self-learning knowledge base complete with 170+ unique retail intents, topic modeling features, automated tag generation, and Q&A generation.

  • WhatsApp Commerce

    WhatsApp Commerce

    Scale your business and drive engagement by showcasing your product catalog on WhatsApp.

  • Consumer demand analytics

    Consumer demand analytics

    Get actionable retail insights such as potential new markets, products in demand, frequently asked queries, AI accuracy, and more.

  • Deploy in 4 weeks

    Deploy in 4 weeks

    OOTB integrations with leading CRM and eCommerce platforms for rapid data ingestion and faster go-to market.

Transform CX with 25+ pre-built retail AI journeys


Create a dynamic retail experience with intent-based journeys connecting many different use cases, including product information, add-to-cart, checkout, delivery, and returns


Integrate quickly with apps and platforms you already use to create powerful solutions

Success Stories

Danone: Transforming engagement in the early life nutrition segment

Early life nutrition is an extremely sensitive segment where support provided needs to be accurate at all times, leading Danone’s Specialist Care team to select Gupshup to provide 24/7 AI assistance to their early life nutrition audience.

AkzoNobel: Paint discovery simplified with AI assistance across 25+ countries

Gupshup’s retail assistant became the backbone of the multi-country Dulux Promise campaign, collaborating with the brand to create a seamless end-to-end experience for customers across languages.

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