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Get superior return on ad spends with Click to Chat Ads

Generate new leads, qualify them efficiently, answer queries and convert more with Ads that Click to WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram Direct

Customer using click-to-chat ad for conversations on WhatsApp and Instagram
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Overcome the constraints of traditional digital ads

Go beyond static landing pages & painful form fills - let high-intent prospects message you from WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook

Reduce drops-offs by resolving doubts and nurturing prospects using automated bot journeys or agents

Boost average order value by up-selling and cross-selling via dynamic catalogs and carousels

Facebook click-to-chat ad redirected to WhatsApp Business account for purchase by customer

Build high-quality first party data

Capture 100% correct and verified phone numbers via user initiated WhatsApp chats

Qualify leads efficiently by asking questions, and understand intent better via intelligent bot journeys

Reduce dependency on third-party cookies & pixels for re-targeting, and remarket to cold leads within the chat window

Increase in buying intent by customer after asking questions on WhatsApp when redirected from Instagram click-to-chat ad
Did you know: Conversations started via click-to-WhatsApp ads are free for the first 72 hours! So go ahead, nudge at no extra messaging cost!

Gupshup Advertise: All-in-one Click to Chat Ads Manager

Engage at Scale
Automated Remarketing
Optimized Ad Targeting
Customer Profiling
Integrated Analytics
Ad Comparisons
Bot Studio

Compelling Ads with AI Powered Bots

Link AI bots to engage at scale; integrate with live agent for campaigns that need human assistance

Agent Assist

Automated triggers for prospects gone cold

Configure automated re-marketing campaigns and convert leads gone cold


Conversational signals for optimized ad targeting

Optimize ad targeting by sending messaging events via Meta's Conversions API

Conversational AI

Unified customer profile to power re-engagement

Capture contact information, preferences and conversational signals in Gupshup Customer360

Campaign Manager

One view for ad,bot & remarketing analytics

Get complete ROI view of ad spends, leads, CPL, qualified leads, drop-offs and conversions.

Campaign Manager

Ad performance and comparison dashboard

Compare ads and campaigns to identify winning creatives and journeys

  • Reduction in Cost Per Qualified leads compared to traditional digital ads


    Reduction in Cost Per Qualified leads compared to traditional digital ads

  • Cheaper cost per acquisition compared to other channels


    Cheaper cost per acquisition compared to other channels

  • Sign-ups on WhatsApp compared to web forms


    Sign-ups on WhatsApp compared to web forms

Additional capabilities for a memorable first impression


Tailored journeys

Custom conversational journeys as per campaign objective


Agent Assist

Live agent support for assisted selling and seamless support



Connect CRMs, e-commerce stores & other 3rd party apps for smooth CX


Gupshup Customer360

Capture contact information, behavioral data and preferences of leads to create a Unified Customer Profile


Conversational AI

Make the chat experience intuitive and aid product discovery with the power of AI and LLMs


72 hours free retarget window

Message leads originating from Click to WhatsApp adsat zero extra cost for 72 hours

Additional capabilities for a memorable first impression

Rethink advertising for your business

click-to-chat ads example on Instagram by retail brand

Launch new products, promote sale events, help customer decision making or drive app downloads

click-to-chat ads example on Instagram by retail brand

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Click to Chat ads on WhatsApp- A vital tool for your marketing arsenal

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