Guarantee 24/7 Availability for Your Customers with Conversational Support

Combine automated conversations with timely live-agent handovers

Conversational Support

Conversational Support Enriches the Experience of Engaging of with a Brand for Customers through a Combination of Automated Conversations and Timely Live-agent Handovers


  • Create Multiple Support Entry Points

    Create Multiple Support Entry Points

    Activate automated support conversations from a surface, on any messaging channel, from your website, toll-free number or IVR system

  • Leverage AI-powered Support Chatbots

    Leverage AI-powered Support Chatbots

    Handle FAQs, complex and advanced queries with changing contexts, handover to live agents seamlessly

  • Plug-and-Play Support

    Plug-and-Play Support

    Plug into our WhatsApp-based customer support tool to create multiple agents, use an intuitive chat interface with easy user-onboarding, and management

  • Dashboard Support

    Dashboard Support

    Support dashboard for single agent and multiple agents along with live-agent handover features and integration with CRM, ORM, and more

Use Cases

Bot default
  • Food Delivery Bot

    Handle most FAQs and delivery-related queries

  • Social Reputation Bot

    Convert every tagged customer complaint or comment into a conversation

    Experience Itarrow
  • Financial Service Bot

    Provide support for account and card-related queries


  • Contextual Support

    Offer timely and contextual support with the right combination of chatbots and live agents

  • Round-the-Clock Availability

    Serve your customers 24x7 on all days of the year

  • Cost Efficient

    Provides quality support by handling peak demand with little manpower

  • Reduced Staff Workload

    AI-powered support chatbots can handle most of the FAQs, complex and advanced queries

  • Scope for Additional Entry Points

    With QR codes, any digital or physical surface can be converted into an entry point for support queries

  • Messaging Apps as Bot Platforms

    WhatsApp and other messaging channels can be used as dedicated conversational support lines for customers