Grow your business through Conversational Commerce

Take your customers on a conversational journey through product discovery, purchase, delivery, feedback and support, on their favorite messaging app

Conversational Commerce

Make product discovery, payments, tracking and support conversational.

Add a conversational touch to product discovery, payments, tracking, and support


  • Multiple Access Points

    Multiple Access Points

    Convert any surface or one-way message into a commerce conversation with QR codes and embedded URLs

  • AI-powered Chatbots

    AI-powered Chatbots

    Leverage AI-powered chatbots for product discovery and consultative selling, purchasing, order tracking, returns and support

  • Personalization


    Drive demand with personalized offers using marketing tools through the messaging channels

  • 1-Click Bill Payment

    1-Click Bill Payment

    Enable frictionless commerce with 1-click bill pay embedded in messaging

  • Third Party Tools Integration

    Third Party Tools Integration

    Integrate with leading POS systems, payment systems, CRM, ORM, social media and marketing automation systems

  • Robust Security

    Robust Security

    Enable secure commerce by protecting sensitive customer information on messaging channels

Use Cases

Bot default
  • High Value Shopping

    Car shopping can be made easy with assisted selling

  • eCommerce

    Product discovery and recommendations using a chatbot

  • Insurance Policy

    Help customers find the right policy as per their need


  • Assured Security

    Make conversational commerce secure

  • One-stop Solution

    No additional apps need to be downloaded

  • Seamless Customer Connect

    Build a direct digital connect with your consumer

  • Simplified Conversation Starters

    Convert SMS volume into conversation starters with embedded Gupshup Messaging links to chatbots

  • End-to-end Conversational Touch

    Make all steps of the purchase and support lifecycle, conversational

  • Multi-point Entry

    Make any digital or physical entry point a conversation starter with QR codes or URLs