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Introducing the Template Bot Builder

On August 31, 2016
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Bots are on a steep rise. Bots provides an option to the users to use their messaging app on the mobile device to interact with a brand or business. Hence, every brand or business no matter how big or small is trying to use bots to increase their reach and engage with their customers. We are already witnessing bots being created in various fields of businesses like travel, customer support, accounting, e-commerce etc.


Gupshup as a leading bot building platform has been helping many big businesses and brands to build their bots. And now, Gupshup has come up with a new tool on its platform to help small and medium size businesses build bots quickly. It’s called the Template bot builder.

What does Template Bot Builder do?

Template bot builder lets you create bots in a jiffy on Facebook messenger. It has pre-defined templates designed specific to a business’ needs. For example – A restaurant template, which lets you create a bot for your restaurant. You can edit the elements in the template according to your requirements and specifications.

Benefits of using the Template bot builder.

There are many benefits of creating a bot using the Template Bot Builder. In particular:

Out of the box solution – Template bot builder has a set of predefined templates which allows everyone to create bots easily. You don’t have to invest time in designing and scripting your bot. Just make few changes as per your business needs and your bot will be ready to use.

No coding required –  The Template Bot Builder dramatically simplifies the process of building a bot by eliminating the coding part. It is completely UI based enabling both developer or non-developer to create a bot.

Pre-approved bot from Facebook – One of the biggest challenges is getting your bot approved by Facebook. You need to invest a considerable amount of effort for submitting your bot for approval as you need to follow few steps for submission. Then the approval may take couple of days to  couple of weeks to happen. But Template bot builder is pre-approved by Facebook which means any bot created using it is already approved thus saving your time and effort.

Quick Launch –  Since the bots created are pre-approved, the launch time reduces dramatically. Your users can start using the bot once you have published it using the Template Bot builder tool.

Easy updates – You may want to make some changes to your bot at a certain period of time. Template bot builder lets you make those changes easily and publishes them with just a button click.

How to use it?

Template Bot Builder is fairly easy to use. To know more you can go through this guide.

Team Gupshup
Team Gupshup

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