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How Retailers in SEA Can Benefit from Chatbots during Ramadan

On March 5, 2024 | 7 Minutes Read
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Ramadan, a time of community and reflection, is also one of the busiest shopping seasons in South East Asia (SEA).

 SEA retailers

Approximately 80% of shoppers consider Ramadan to be the biggest shopping event of the year, surpassing even double-day sales. During this holy month, consumers are on the lookout for gifts, festive items, and culinary delights. Thus, retailers in the SEA region generally see a significant surge in sales. 

With such high demands, how do the retailers manage to keep up? How do they strengthen customer bonds and improve conversational experience?

AI chatbots are emerging as a pivotal solution by interacting with customers, hence, Improving the overall shopping experience and making operations more efficient. Chatbots are helping retailers meet the high tide of customer demand and build long-lasting customer relationships.

This blending of modern technology with traditional shopping habits promises a richer, more connected customer journey through the holy month.  Let’s delve deeper into how chatbots are transforming the Ramadan retail experience in Southeast Asia.

Ramadan Shopping Spree: Trends and Insights

As people gear up for Ramadan, there’s a noticeable shift in how and when they shop. The anticipation of Eid al-Fitr sees a rise in bookings at restaurants for iftar and appointments at beauty salons as the celebration approaches.

Let’s look at some notable shopping trends during Ramadan:

  • Promotions and Discounts: Retailers roll out special deals, knowing well that consumers are looking for bargains to mark the festive season.
  • Surge in Online Traffic: E-commerce platforms witness a significant boost in activity, with website traffic and sales jumping dramatically in the weeks leading up to Ramadan. 
  • Regional Shopping Patterns: Countries like Malaysia and Indonesia see a remarkable increase in shopping traction, with activity climbing by 106% compared to non-Ramadan months.
  • Early Morning Shopping: With the daily routine of suhoor(morning meal eaten before sunrise) before dawn, many people shop online in the early hours, between 2:00 a.m. and noon, taking advantage of the quiet pre-dawn and early morning.
  • Mobile Engagement: In regions like Indonesia, Singapore, and several others, users spend over five hours a day on mobile devices. A good portion of this time is likely dedicated to shopping and browsing.

What are the Benefits of Chatbots During Ramadan?

Retailers in SEA Can Benefit from Chatbots

Integrating AI-powered chatbots into the retail strategy during Ramadan offers businesses a multifaceted tool for enhancing customer engagement and driving sales. 

Let’s understand how these capabilities translate into tangible benefits for businesses:

Enhanced Product Discovery and Personalization

AI chatbots excel in analyzing vast amounts of data on customer behavior, preferences, and spending habits. Based on this data, chatbots can recommend products that are not just relevant but also tailored to each customer’s unique needs and budget constraints. 

This level of personalization improves the shopping experience and significantly increases the chances of sales. It becomes easier for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for during the busy season of Ramadan.

Streamlined Gift-Giving Process

The tradition of gift-giving is a central aspect of Ramadan, but the challenge of finding the perfect gift can be overwhelming for many. 

Chatbots simplify this process. They offer personalized gift suggestions based on the recipient’s interests and the giver’s budget. It reduces the tedious process of making a decision and enhances customer satisfaction. This thoughtful approach to gift-giving can help businesses stand out and encourage repeat purchases.

Improved Customer Trust through Order Tracking

Providing real-time updates on orders is critical to building trust with online shoppers. Chatbots can automate this process, offering customers instant access to the status of their purchases and expected delivery times. This transparency is particularly valued during Ramadan when timely delivery is crucial for items intended for iftar gatherings or as gifts.

Efficient and Responsive Customer Service

The ability of chatbots to provide immediate responses to inquiries around the clock represents a significant advantage for businesses during Ramadan. By handling frequently asked questions about products, promotions, and store hours, chatbots free up human customer service representatives to focus on more complex queries, thus improving overall service efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Engaging Customers with Interactive Content

Incorporating quizzes, games, and polls related to Ramadan into the chatbot experience can significantly enhance customer engagement. This entertains and educates customers about the brand’s offerings and Ramadan-related promotions. It creates a more dynamic and memorable shopping experience. 

Such interactive content can drive higher engagement rates and increase brand loyalty. It further expands the business’s reach during this key shopping period.

Integrating with WhatsApp Business API for Enhanced Ramadan Engagement

For retailers in Southeast Asia looking to use chatbots during Ramadan, integrating with WhatsApp Business API presents a transformative opportunity. WhatsApp, a widely used messaging platform in the region, offers a direct and personal channel to connect with customers. Gupshup’s platform provides seamless integration with the WhatsApp Business API, enabling retailers to unlock advanced features for customer engagement and support.

Personalized Conversations at Scale

By utilizing the WhatsApp Business API, retailers can send personalized messages, promotions, and updates directly to their customers’ most preferred messaging app.  In fact, 77% of people prefer a personalized experience during festive shopping. 

This allows for a more intimate and engaging shopping experience, especially important during the Ramadan season when customers are seeking meaningful and relevant interactions.

Efficient Customer Support

The WhatsApp Business API enables automated responses and chatbot integration, providing instant support to customer inquiries. This is particularly valuable during Ramadan when there’s an increase in queries related to product availability, order status, and delivery times. Retailers can ensure their customers receive timely and efficient support, enhancing trust and satisfaction.

Streamlined Shopping Experience

Integrating chatbots with WhatsApp Business API allows for a streamlined shopping experience. Customers can browse products, ask questions, and even complete purchases without leaving the WhatsApp interface. This convenience is crucial during the busy Ramadan period. It becomes easier for customers to make informed decisions and purchases at their own pace.

Engaging Content Delivery

The platform also enables the delivery of rich media content, such as images, videos, and product catalogs, directly through WhatsApp. Retailers can use this to share engaging content that highlights special Ramadan deals, new arrivals, and gift ideas, making the shopping experience more dynamic and visually appealing.

Building Long-term Relationships

Utilizing WhatsApp chat-bot during Ramadan allows retailers not just to meet the immediate needs of their customers but also to lay the foundation for long-term relationships. By providing a personalized, efficient, and engaging shopping experience, retailers can leave a lasting impression that encourages loyalty and repeat business well beyond the holy month.

With these practices,  businesses can optimize the use of chatbots during Ramadan to meet the unique needs of this period and enhance their overall customer engagement strategy. 

The key is to balance technological efficiency with a personal touch, ensuring that every customer interaction, whether with a human or a chatbot, is meaningful, respectful, and enriching.

What is the Future of Ramadan Retail Shopping in SEA?

In Southeast Asia, where Ramadan marks a peak shopping season, retailers turn to AI-powered chatbots to enhance customer engagement and drive sales. Gupshup offers an innovative platform that enables retailers to use chatbots effectively during this busy period. 

By partnering with Gupshup, retailers can offer 24/7 customer service, personalized product recommendations, and engaging content that resonates with the spirit of Ramadan. 

This approach meets the high expectations of modern consumers and ensures retailers stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market. Gupshup’s retail solution empowers retailers to build strong customer relationships and achieve better sales outcomes not only during Ramadan but also throughout the year.

Vartika leads marketing at Gupshup and has ~16 years of experience in marketing across early-stage startups and large enterprises. A Marketing specialist by profession, a wanderer at heart, an enthusiastic cook, and a painter for the soul.

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