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Global herbal wellness brand enhances digital customer experience and automates 70% of customer queries

Leading global wellness brand streamlines customer experience and support leading to automated query resolution with Gupshup’s conversational AI

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hours per month of
automated conversations


questions answered by the digital assistant
within 2 months of launch


out of conversations converted
to orders every week

The Story

Enhancing customer shopping experience and support

The global herbal wellness brand (presence in 100+ countries) wanted to simplify the shopping journey for customers looking for the right product across 500+ options. Furthermore, the brand sought to understand customer requirements and enhance the customer experience by deploying 24×7 expert support. Therefore, Gupshup, was brought on board to find sustainable solutions to the brand’s challenges.

The Solution

Simplifying shopping journey, understanding customer requirements, and offering 24×7 expert support

Focusing on elevating the consumer journey, Gupshup created a custom ‘Digital Assistant’. The AI-powered assistant helped the brand simplify the shopping journey and deliver 24×7 instant guidance to their customers.


Gupshup built out a comprehensive product knowledgebase to empower the digital assistant in offering accurate and relevant product related information.

The digital assistant was deployed across channels such as brand’s website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, among others. Qualified leads were handed over to human agents to close the sale.

Insights derived from the conversations also gave the wellness brand a peek into changes that could potentially meet their consumer’s most pressing needs and increase online orders. Brand discovered new business opportunities with insights derived from conversational journey data.


Conversational Commerce
and Support





The Success

Self-serve customer service and higher conversions

  • Within 2 months of going live, the digital assistant could resolve 70% of customer queries without agent intervention.
  • For every 100 customer conversations the brand had with the help of the digital assistant, 5 conversations converted into online orders within 7 days.
  • 700+ hours per month of customer conversations were automated.
  • Unique insights on what the customers needed from the brand were derived from natural language interactions with the digital assistant.
  • The average customer was spending a noticeably short time browsing websites or interacting with brands during their shopping journey. With Gupshup’s Al-enabled intelligent Virtual Advisor, brand was able to increase the interaction time to 4+ minutes, which is significantly longer than time spent by customers browsing websites, resulting in a big win for the brand.

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