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Gupshup’s AI-powered shopping assistant helps increase quarterly online sales by 3%

A leading global luxury Austrian skinwear brand, partnered with Gupshup company to overcome business challenges with retail conversational solutions.

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Increase in online quarterly sales revenue


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The Story

Simplifying product discovery and providing a delightful customer experience

A leading luxury Austrian skin wear brand with over 250 mono-points of sale, 3000+ trading partners and presence in over 45 countries wanted to deliver the best-in-class shopping experience and support across online channels.

However, it had to overcome two major obstacles.

First, finding a way to simplify product discovery for its expansive product catalog across channels. Second, the brand wanted to deploy brand experts that interact with customers, assisting them in decision-making.

To deliver and replicate this interactive shopping experience, the brand partnered with Gupshup, leveraging its AI-powered shopping solution to design a curated support strategy to  strengthen its digital retail presence.

The Solution

Gupshup’s AI-powered shopping assistant transforms online shopping experience

Gupshup’s AI-powered shopping solution—an enriched self-learning database—customized product search on the brand website to deliver accurate results for all keywords.

It also powered an automated size finder application that computes the exact product dimensions based on the basic body measurements provided by customers.

A custom natural language library was deployed to identify fashion-specific customer intents and personalize shopping experience by catering to all their unique needs 24/7 in over 100 languages.

Moreover,  the brand deployed virtual advisors and voice assistants driven by AI-powered shopping solution, enabling human-like conversational experiences to handle complex multi-turn questions.


Conversational Commerce and Support





The Success

Gupshup’s AI-powered shopping assistant drives higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction

Gupshup’s AI-powered shopping assistant provided quick response times and expert guidance to the brand’s customers across 15+ countries, in over 100 languages.

In the bodysuit category, the shopping assistant answered pertinent questions at critical decision-making moments, resulting in a 3% increase in the brand’s quarterly online sales revenue.

Gupshup’s capabilities were recognized by Microsoft Azure as an AI-powered shopping assistant that supports knowledge extraction, metadata generation, intent data management, and intent classification for fashion.

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