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Wow! Momo pioneers direct food ordering via WhatsApp

Gupshup Conversational Engagement Platform enables Wow! Momo, an Indian chain of fast food restaurants to deliver a wow customer experience with end-to-end food ordering on WhatsApp.

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Business from repeat orders


Share of direct orders (WhatsApp and outlets)

2.9 mn

Opted in WhatsApp users

"We recognize that switching between apps to place an order and track delivery leads to a sub-par experience and drop offs. To solve this problem and strengthen our messaging-first approach to ordering, Wow! Momo partnered with Gupshup to introduce WhatsApp commerce"
Pankaj Arora
National Head of CRM & Martech

The Story

Wow! Momo takes the lead in innovation with direct food ordering via WhatsApp

Wow! Momo is India’s largest chain of branded momos in terms of volume, turnover and innovations. They started with just one kiosk in Kolkata in the year 2008 and have since grown exponentially, currently operating 600+ outlets across the country. Not only have they set trends in the momo market, but their venture has also created a new segment in the fast-growing quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry. The brand attributes its success in achieving profitability targets to its ability to serve and satisfy repeat customers.


At Wow! Momo, customer relevance has consistently been a critical focal point in their pursuit of innovation. The company has demonstrated strong commitment to curating unique food experiences for their customers. The growth in their customer base and the increase in repeat orders are a testimony to this commitment.

However, driving business growth has consistently proven to be challenging due to the competitive nature of the market and high operating costs due to dependency on aggregators for customer discovery, combined with limited direct relationship with their patrons.

The growth marketing team at Wow! Momo has two primary objectives:

  • Reduce over dependence on aggregators and save on hefty commissions
  • Shift from an app-first approach to a messaging-first approach to remove the hurdle of new app download and make ordering more intuitive and seamless

Wow! Momo leverages WhatsApp for end-to-end food discovery, ordering and commerce, as well as support developed using’s Conversational Engagement Platform.

The Solution

Driving customer acquisition with innovative location based campaigns

Tapping into their customer’s appetite for high quality delicacies, Wow! Momo serves thousands of customers with 600+ outlets in 30+ cities across the nation. The key to their success is their ability to go beyond service and craft a memorable ordering experience within WhatsApp.

As part of their customer acquisition strategy, Wow! Momo runs location-based campaigns where hyper-localized ads are shown to people who are in close proximity to the store. These ads appear on platforms like Wynk Music, Times of India, etc., prompting users to enter their phone numbers, on which they receive WhatsApp messages with coupon codes redeemable at the nearby outlet. Additionally, the invoice generated at the outlet is sent to the user’s WhatsApp number. This has helped Wow! Momo not only create brand recall and improve conversion rates but also build their first-party database.

A whopping 55% of their orders are placed directly on WA & in-stores.


Building lasting customer relationships

Wow! Momo’s growth strategy centers around crafting memorable experiences for its customers, backed by data. Customers are segmented based on certain attributes, and they then receive personalized offers. With gamification elements and lucrative offers sent to the right customer at the right time, Wow! Momo has successfully fostered a real connection with its customers, enjoying a loyal customer base.

Wow! Momo currently has almost 2.9 Million opt-ins on WhatsApp!

Driving repeat orders with innovation

Creating a seamless and satisfying customer experience (CX) has always been Wow! Momo’s focal point for success. The company leverages WhatsApp-based ordering to streamline customer interactions. Customers can initiate a conversation by sending a simple “hi,” proceed to view the menu, place an order, and track delivery, or reach out to support—all from one platform.

This approach has enabled Wow! Momo to build a direct and meaningful relationship with its customers. Currently, the company enjoys an impressive 40% repeat order rate.

"At Wow! Momo, we know the importance of owning the customer relationship, be it through our vast outlet network or through digital ordering. With Gupshup, we launched direct ordering over WhatsApp in early 2023 building a direct sales channel, and helping us nudge customers with relevant offers and reminders, driving repeat purchases. Next, we plan to expand direct ordering to other brands and focus on moving offline customers to online through various initiatives"
Murali Krishnan
Co-founder & CMO


Conversational Marketing, Conversational Commerce





Food Ordering & Delivery

Continuous innovation

With a collaborative approach to innovation, Gupshup and Wow! Momo continue to experiment with new ideas

Wow! Momo has established itself as a trailblazer when it comes to crafting memorable QSR experiences by leveraging technology and data. As they continue to grow, the QSR chain is exploring innovative marketing ideas, like Click to WhatsApp Ads to acquire new customers and retargeting leads with relevant offers on WhatsApp.

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