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A comprehensive guide on Ads that Click to WhatsApp: Your roadmap to capturing 100% leads

On October 16, 2023

Tired of tracking the diminishing marketing funnel from CTRs to landing pages to form fill to action? And to top that, spending more marketing dollars on re-marketing to rekindle the interest? We feel your pain. And so, Gupshup is bringing the next big thing for marketers to 10X return on ad spends. With Ads that Click to WhatsApp, marketers can capture 100% of leads that click on ads with Personally Identifiable Information and a mechanism to re-engage with their audience at no cost.

Discover how to increase your ROAS with Ads that Click to WhatsApp.

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Connect, converse and convert with Ads that click to WhatsApp
What are Click to WhatsApp ads?

Download the FREE e-book to learn more about:

  • What are Ads that Click to WhatsApp?
  • How to maximize ROAS From Ads to Acquisition
  • How to create a click-to-WhatsApp Ad?
  • Discover how you can engage in two-way conversations with leads in real-time
  • Learn to measure and optimize advertising and journey performance

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