Conversational AI: The Definitive Guide

On October 29, 2021

Conversational AI platforms are set to become a $17 billion market by 2025. It’s clear that many organisations have already recognised its value and potential, as it has proven to be a truly beneficial way of bringing personalised experiences to the customer. Businesses that can best leverage the power of Conversational AI are positioned to drive customer retention, customer satisfaction, and business efficiency, resulting in increased competitiveness and resilience.

In this ebook, we will tell you how Conversational AI can make your business more efficient and competitive.

What you’ll learn:

  • The concept and evolution of Conversational AI
  • Types of Conversational AI
  • Why do brands need Conversational AI
  • How brands can leverage this technology to drive customer retention, satisfaction and business growth.
  • The use cases and industry applications

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