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Leveraging Marketing Automation for Impactful Ramadan Campaigns

Get insights on how brands can action personalized Ramadan campaigns, build engagement, and bring customers closer with conversations on WhatsApp.

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Key Takeaways

  • Understand why Ramadan is a crucial time for brands to engage and forge stronger conversational relationships with customers
  • Know how Ramadan influences customer behavior and how brands can build better conversational journeys within intelligent Chatbots on WhatsApp
  • Discover how WhatsApp Business will be your go-to channel for marketing, commerce, and support

Decoding Customer Journey During Ramadan

Pre-Ramadan Awareness: Before Ramadan begins, there is a surge in online searches related to Ramadan preparation, with consumers looking for information on fasting, food recipes, and spiritual content.

During Ramadan Engagement: The time slots just before Iftar and Sahoor see higher online activity, providing prime opportunities for businesses to engage with their audience through targeted ads and promotions.

Post-Ramadan Connection: After Ramadan, the focus shifts to Eid al-Fitr celebrations. Brands can maintain engagement by offering post-Ramadan sales and by sharing Eid greetings with their customers, fostering long-term loyalty.

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