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Maximizing Summer Holidays with Gupshup: A Guide to Seamless Travel Planning

The eBook offers useful tips to make travel planning and bookings conversational for your customers by using platforms like WhatsApp & Instagram.

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Key Takeaways

  • Learn why Conversational AI is a necessity for travel businesses and its potential to turn leads into long-lasting customers. 
  • Understand how Conversational AI empowers travel businesses to run targeted marketing strategies, make booking processes engaging, & deliver personalized post-booking services. 
  • Learn how AI-powered chatbots on messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and RCS can significantly enhance the overall customer experience, streamline operational workflows, automate client interactions, boost customer retention, and utilize social commerce for engaging sales channels. 
  • Gupshup’s intelligent messaging platform empowers personalized customer engagement through AI-driven chatbots, simplifying access to information, and interpreting user queries.

The Future of Travel Planning with Conversational AI

  • Personalized Recommendations: Using Conversational AI travel businesses can analyze historic customer conversations, such as past bookings, preferences, and online behavior, and provide relevant suggestions that match their interests and tastes, leading to client acquisition.
  • Cookieless Marketing: Conversational AI enables personalized travel experiences without relying on traditional tracking methods like cookies.
  • QR Code Entry Points: QR codes are a great way to turn offline visitors into online customers by providing streamlined and interactive virtual experiences. Interested customers can easily scan QR codes to instantly access detailed information about destinations, activities, and accommodations. 

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