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Appointments FAQ

The appointment booking API of Gupshup is simple to use for you and for those who wish to book appointments. It is simply a matter of scanning the QR code, going through the calendar, and selecting the convenient date and slot. There is no queue to be gone through, and so you can offer your clients a convenient and delightful experience. 

From your point of view, you get a higher turnover and can schedule more clients without fear of overlaps or cancellations. Gupshup can also help you keep your past clients engaged so that they are encouraged to keep making appointments.

Gupshup helps you to move beyond physical visits or long phone calls to book appointments for you. Our appointment API can allow your clients to do the same with a single click on ‘Book Now’, while our online appointment booking API works in the background to scan through available slots and match them to client preferences. The client does not need to follow multiple steps to match your available slots as our API takes care of it. This functionality can be provided on your website, your smartphone, or even while using chatbots or other channels of conversational messaging.

Gupshup offers the best in class appointment booking API. But we also give you a chance to look beyond standalone appointment bookings. In this age of social media noise and clutter, it is critical to keep your current and prospective clients engaged so that you can get a top-of-mind recall.

We can help you share client testimonials with other clients as it lends credibility to your offerings. We can even help you with custom branding and ads, which will improve the overall customer experience. After all, a happy and engaged client not only keeps giving you repeat business but also acts as a brand ambassador for you with positive word of mouth advertising.


Once you have tried our appointment planner, you will agree with us that Gupshup is indeed the best API for booking appointments. Our offering is convenient for both you and your clients. Your clients can book conveniently, whether it is their first appointment or a rebooking of an earlier one. 

The customer pays directly to you through our API, so there is no need to use any other payment wallet. We prioritize data security for you and your clients, thus making our platform both safe and smart. Also, with an increase in clients that you can conveniently schedule, Gupshup becomes profitable for you.

Gupshup is much more than simply an online appointment planner. We have a robust conversational messaging platform that can help with your marketing efforts too. You can implement your omnichannel marketing plans using Gupshup, using the 30+ platforms that we offer. 

Additionally, we can help you integrate these conversations into the CRM tool that you use, so that you get useful data for promotions and marketing. Finally, we can aid in below-the-line marketing by enabling the sending of regular notifications and also news of special promotional offers.