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Media & Entertainment FAQ

We work with a large variety of businesses and individuals from the field of media and entertainment including content creators, OTT platforms, radio stations, film & television production houses and event producers.

Our platform can be used to automate conversations across marketing, operations, and support. You can share subscription information and renewal reminders with customers, send them customized offers, upsell products, and provide them with 24/7 uninterrupted support.

By integrating the Gupshup chatbot, you can give your customers a complete digital experience using a simple yet effective chat-based interface. Engaging conversations can be automated and as a result, you can reach out to more people without compromising on the quality experience that you provide.

Since chatbots are available 24*7, you can utilize them to automate conversations with vendors, partners and audience members. Anyone associated with you or your channel or your platform can be engaged meaningfully, regardless of the time of the day (or night).