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Gupshup included in analyst report on 10 Emerging Conversational AI Providers

New Tech: Conversational AI For Customer Service In India, Q1 2022 report features

Mumbai, March 21, 2022: Gupshup, a global leader in conversational engagement, has been included in Forrester’s New Tech: Conversational AI For Customer Service In India, Q1 2022 report. It maps the conversational AI startup landscape in India and identifies 10 emerging conversational AI providers in India with conversational AI solutions.

The Conversational AI market in India witnessed a three-fold increase in spending last year. In 2021, Conversational AI platforms in India attracted $37 million in investment, clocking a three-fold year-on-year increase from $11.6 million in 2020.

Forrester found that 71% of Indian consumers expect to interact with firms via a virtual assistant. “India is seeing an increased adoption of mobile interfaces and higher usage of channels like WhatsApp, Google RCS, and Facebook Messenger for business communication. Many Indian businesses are using conversational interfaces like chatbots and text/speech-based virtual assistants to automate and improve customer experience”, said Vasupradha Srinivasan, Senior Analyst, Forrester. “This is driving conversational AI providers to invest more and expand innovation efforts.”

Gupshup is transforming the future of business-to-customer communication and commerce through personalized, intuitive conversational engagement and commerce. “Our continued innovation in conversational AI is helping brands across industries connect one-on-one, with every consumer, across marketing, commerce and support workflows”, said Ravi Sundararajan, COO, Gupshup. “Several Indian organizations are using our conversational AI solutions to create new, additional revenue streams, improve online sales and conversions, and reduce drop-offs. As a result, they are reporting improved profitability and are better positioned to future-proof their business.”

Gupshup’s strong focus on conversational engagement has resulted in triple-digit business growth over the last 15 months. With over 44,000 customers, the conversational AI company has raised $340 million in the last 12 months and acquired two niche companies in the last six months. With a presence in 30+ markets globally, Gupshup is continuing product-driven innovation across cPaaS, cCaaS, CX and Conversational AI.

About Gupshup

Gupshup enables better customer engagement through conversational messaging. Gupshup is the leading conversational messaging platform, powering over 6 billion messages per month. Across verticals, thousands of large and small businesses in emerging markets use Gupshup to build conversational experiences across marketing, sales and support. Gupshup’s carrier-grade platform provides a single messaging API for 30+ channels, a rich conversational experience-building tool kit for any use case and a network of emerging market partnerships across messaging channels, device manufacturers, ISVs and operators. With Gupshup, businesses have made conversations an integral part of their customer engagement success. Gupshup is present across the world in regions like India, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and the United States. Visit for more.

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