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Omni-Channel Conversational Engagement is Driving the Future of Customer Experience

A smart conversational CX solution integrated with an omni-channel communications platform (CPaaS) can be a game changer in providing relevant and personalized messaging to your customers and driving your customer engagement goals. 

IDC, a leading analyst firm, provides insight on how brands should leverage AI-powered automation and one-on-one conversations to offer consumers a more contextual and delightful experience – in this white paper commissioned by Gupshup.

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What to discover in this white paper?

  • Emerging role of conversational engagement in enhancing customer experience
  • Benefits of conversational messaging for marketing, commerce, and support
  • Best practices for creating an efficient conversational engagement strategy
  • Challenges in adoption by enterprises
  • Gupshup’s omni-channel offering 

“Delightful customer experience is the top business priority for enterprises today, and implementing conversational engagement provides an opportunity to significantly enhance experience-driven business outcomes. Companies should work with their CPaaS platform provider to establish a roadmap that allows them to match their business goals and mission with the relevant engagement strategy.”

Courtney Munroe – Research Vice President for Worldwide Telecommunications Research, IDC, “Omni-Channel Conversational Engagement is Driving the Future of Customer Experience,” IDC White Paper doc #US48901822, March 2022