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Five inspiring AI-powered chatbots in Retail and eCommerce
Tuesday, 31 January ’23 | 3:30 PM IST
About this episode:

The major drawback of chatbots is the lack of personal touch. The exchange feels dull and lacks the warmth of human interaction.

An AI-powered conversational chatbot, however, can be a shopping assistant and much more for your online shoppers. An assistant that can help customers browse the catalog, discover products that best meet their needs, resolve doubts about size, match, and relevance, place and track orders, and collect feedback without any hassle.

In this episode of Learn with Gupshup, we will explore some unique retail bots from around the world and discuss the underlying technology and best practices that make these retail bots impactful.

Tune–in as we talk about:

  • What’s the latest in cart recovery and re-engagement
  • The latest in fashion retail – size finder
  • Why WhatsApp Commerce will be big in 2023
  • GBM and Click-to-Chat will be the new normal in conversational retail
  • Ask me anything bot powered by ChatGPT

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