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Make Out-of-Home Advertisements Conversational

With a plethora of advertising options in place today, the outdoor advertising industry has also evolved. So why do you need to make your out-of-home (OOH) advertisements conversational in the first place?

Outdoor or OOH advertising has many challenges owing to its static one-way natured ads. One-way communication between ad and user lacks personalization and creative aspects for specific users. Therefore there are limited inquiries, and a small percentage of viewers call a phone number when they see an OOH ad. There is always pressure to justify ROI with uncertain economic scenarios. So by making your outdoor advertising more conversational, you can engage with viewers in a better way and induce sales in different ways. One way is simply using a QR Code Generator to add a QR code linked to your website, socials, etc, thereby allowing potential customers to engage with your brand as soon as they see your ad. 

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