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Conversational AI vs Email Support : Which is Better Customer Service?

Businesses always look for innovative ways to connect with their customers for both selling products and services and assisting them with grievances. Phone support was one of the most popular customer support methods and with time and changing lifestyles, SMS and emails started gaining traction. Further, as the messaging apps became prevalent, SMS became less popular and email support was considered good for issue resolutions.

With the introduction of conversational AI chatbots, the use of emails has reduced and taken over the market due to its ease of service. Let’s start with the pain points that users face in communication. Moreover, we will learn about the ways to overcome them. Conversational AI and email support are two such ways, and the comparison between them is the highlight of this article.

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Thought Leadership

Bots Are The New Marketers


By Beerud Sheth

Founder & CEO | Gupshup

With the rise of  “conversational experiences,” just about every business function—from marketing to commerce to support—must be redesigned to be conversational. The greatest impact felt due to conversational marketing is that businesses interact with far more consumer prospects than they do with paying customers. Each of us soon will be experiencing this as a target, if we aren’t already.

 But it’s merely the latest phase in the evolution of marketing. The earliest phase was known “outbound marketing” and consisted of broadcasting key messages to vast audiences through media along the lines of print and television. The next phase was “inbound marketing,” which meant creating interesting content and micro-targeting users via social media and large email campaigns. This newer phase involves having one-on-one conversations with customers to ultimately build long-lasting relationships.

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Parametric codes, Send-to-Messenger button and other ways to drive users to your bots



By Shreyans Parshwakirti

Developer Evangelist |

Sept 19, 2017

Bots are becoming more and more prominent with each passing day. Brands and businesses are inclining towards getting a bot developed for their use case. Some of the popular use cases include customer support, lead generation, product search, productivity and utility. There are more than 100k bots on Facebook Messenger alone. One of the major challenges for businesses is to drive users to their bot. Although there are different methods available, Facebook provides some unique ways to drive users to a bot. Let’s look at few of them.

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UX patterns commonly found in bots



By Vinay Narayanan

Senior Product Manager |

July 11, 2017

With the increased adoption & growth of the conversational chat interface, bot makers are building experiences where users don’t have to be conscious that they’re talking to a bot. Bots are designed to execute commands and get the job done without necessarily behaving like a rigid or structured software program. The focus has shifted to create user experiences that are engaging and fun. As the devil lies in the details, let’s dive into some common user experience designs found in bots today. Continue Reading


Five tips for designing a good voice bot



By Shreyans Parshwakirti

Developer evangelist |

May 17, 2017

With lots of development in the bot ecosystem since 2016 , 2017 is considered to be the year of voice assistants (bots). CES 2017 was all about voice assistants.

Few big players in the voice bot landscape are:

  • Google – Google Assistant
  • Amazon – Amazon Alexa
  • Microsoft – Cortana
  • Apple – Siri

Almost all of them have opened their platform for developers to develop voice bots. Check out this blog which talks about developing a voice bot on Google home. Continue Reading


Creating serverless webviews for a better user experience



Abhishek Munian

Product Marketing |

Dec 21, 2016

Chatbots have slowly started becoming mainstream. They have become more adaptable and a plethora of brands and businesses have started showing faith in their application.  As the ecosystem evolves, one of the key pioneers of this space, Facebook, has started rolling out new features to make chatbots even more powerful. Gupshup has always stayed aligned with Facebook’s features and has now launched serverless web views. This feature enables chatbots to capture multiple user data through forms. Continue Reading


Build voice-activated chatbots for Google Home



By Sohan Maheshwar

Lead Developer Relations |

Dec 09, 2016

We at Gupshup are happy to announce our partnership with Google to bring voice-activated actions on Google Home. Google Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant that can play music, activate smart devices, give you the latest traffic updates, and also answer certain questions. Continue Reading

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Introducing the Template Bot Builder

Bots are on a steep rise. Bots provides an option to the users to use their messaging app on the mobile device to interact with a brand or business. Hence, every brand or business no matter how big or small is trying to use bots to increase their reach and engage with their customers. We are already witnessing bots being created in various fields of businesses like travel, customer support, accounting, e-commerce etc.

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Using Chatbots in Customer Service

This cartoon may seem familiar if you’ve ever had to call up a customer service number. Trying to speak to a customer service executive and then getting an answer to your query is largely an exercise in increasing stress levels. Usually one ends up pressing a series of buttons only to be put on hold indefinitely while being subjected to piped music.

This experience is less than ideal of course and often leaves customers frustrated. Companies are aware of this but have stuck with this system for years, thanks to a lack of a better alternative. Continue Reading


Gupshup hosts a series of meetups all over India

Techies the world over, including India, seem enamored with Chatbots.

Bots are essentially the latest re-incarnations of apps and websites. Everything you did previously using websites and apps, you will now be able to do through bots, with the added capability of doing it right within your favorite messaging app.

Why do bots matter, you wonder? If bots do the same things as websites and apps, is it really that different? Why would users switch from using websites and apps to bots? Continue Reading