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7 Conversational Marketing Strategies to Win Customer’s Hearts this Valentine’s Day

On February 8, 2024 | 6 Minutes Read
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After a holiday season frenzy and after putting your Christmas decorations back into your store rooms, it’s time to celebrate the red and first holiday event with your loved ones- Valentine’s Day. Some may celebrate Valentine’s Day and some may not but it’s the golden opportunity for brands to woo their customers and win hearts for life.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so better your marketing strategies be ready. Let’s steal the show and shower your customers with some exciting campaigns like never before, we’re here to make it happen.

Valentine’s is a huge business opportunity, thus the below statistics from the National Retail Federation show:

Valentines-Day-NRF-Statistics 2024

Consider our top 7 conversational marketing campaign strategies to employ and feel the love this Valentine’s Day.
Sweeten the day by dropping an early bird offer:

All holiday events create a lot of buzz and a lot of conversations and the same goes with Valentine’s Day. Brands start with their marketing campaigns before the day arrives to build some excitement. It’s always best to send some early bird offers to your loyal customers and be at the top of your customer’s minds. Offer some exclusive Valentine’s Day coupons to create hype and encourage your customers to spend more.

Send WhatsApp campaigns with some interesting rich media, carousels, and buttons to accelerate the action. Start your Valentine’s Day campaign around the start of February, but don’t overdo the campaigns as this might irritate your customers, and may make them unsubscribe from WhatsApp.

Personalize your love:

There’s no other way than to show love, by suggesting some personalized options using generative AI bots for Valentine’s gifts they might like. Not necessarily the suggestions you share are for their partner or loved ones but it can be a self-celebration of love. Analyze their behavior from past interactions, and last year’s Valentine’s purchases so you can build personalized recommendations and there are high chances that they will purchase from you.

Valentines Day WhatsApp Business

Woo your customers with gamification:

Gamification is the perfect blend of play and purpose and when these two come together you can turn shopping into a fun and interactive experience. The gamification + Valentine’s Day campaign turns out to be the perfect match. You can do some of the love theme gamification games and send rewards to your customers with amazing Valentine-themed gifts, and coupons which can be utilized later as well.

Gamification is an exciting way to attract attention and gain a lot of customer engagement. It even has the potential to go viral which will drive product awareness and can gain some more customers.

Offer limited edition products/services:

You have already sent out your pre-Valentine’s offer but still not getting enough sales? The solution lies in taking a different approach by creating an urgency. For Valentine’s, you can create some limited edition products such as cake and chocolate shops. You can create heart cakes and chocolates which will be available during Valentine’s Day and offer discounts on them. Use words like ‘Limited time offer’, ‘Limited Edition’, and ‘Only a few left’ in your WhatsApp, RCS, and Viber campaigns.

Enable your customers to discover love at first click:

In this competitive landscape, brands need to make sure that their ads are captivating enough so that customers simply love it at first glance and instantly click on it. Click to WhatsApp Ads is one such addition to WhatsApp Business API that will help you capture customers’ love at first click. If you display the best Valentine ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram with a CTA button of ‘Send WhatsApp’ you are redirecting them from an Ad to a WhatsApp chatbot.

Similarly, you can generate a lead and complete the purchase on WhatsApp. The convenience of WhatsApp Payments allows for a seamless transaction with just one click, eliminating the need for other payment gateways. This opportunity extends beyond Valentine’s Day purchases, as you can retarget the same audience through the WhatsApp chatbot for future campaigns. By employing these social chat apps for campaign targeting, you can expand your reach to a larger and more relevant audience, ultimately boosting customer acquisition.

Bundle your offers with extra gifts:

Customers love it when you go the extra mile and offer something more. People love to spend their Valentine’s with their loved ones, so offers like buy 2+1 would work the best for them. When you bundle up such offers your customers get a chance to try more products at some discounted prices. If you want to grab their attention, do some Valentine’s packaging and add small sachets of your new launches so they can try it out, and if they like it they might purchase it in the future. Send out a WhatsApp campaign of heartfelt thanks messages after delivery to your customers. This will help you foster a sense of gratitude.

Last-minute delivery promise for last-minute buyers:

Like any other gift-centric event, we have procrastinators who are last-minute buyers, and it’s also the same for Valentine’s Day. All they expect is FAST DELIVERY! But that fast delivery can be done online as well.

For buyers who can’t wait for a long time and don’t have time to think through, the digital gift card is the perfect gift for their loved ones. The digital gift card can be ordered on WhatsApp and can be shared via WhatsApp giving the personal touch with personalized messages and names.

Last year, quick commerce companies saw an upsurge in demand for roses and chocolates during Valentine’s week. So, it’s time to send real-time messages on Valentine’s Day and let your customers buy their favorite things on time and make Valentine’s sweeter.

Let’s spread the love and good cheer together with Gupshup!

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”Maya Angelou

It’s the same how you make your customers feel.

By optimizing all the above-mentioned strategies you can bring your customers closer and get some love from them in the form of loyalty, referrals, advocacy, and positive reviews all around. So what are you waiting for? Let your customer fall in love with your brand not just on Valentine’s Day but every day, book your demo now!

Jaitashri Bhoir
Jaitashri Bhoir
Jaitashri is a content and social media marketer. Through insightful and data-driven content, she enables her audiences to leverage the potential of B2B SaaS products. Beyond writing, she's a culinary explorer, avid reader, and passionate painter, infusing creativity into every endeavor.

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