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Creating serverless webviews for a better user experience

On December 21, 2016 | 2 Minutes Read

Chatbots have slowly started becoming mainstream. They have become more adaptable and a plethora of brands and businesses have started showing faith in their application.  As the ecosystem evolves, one of the key pioneers of this space, Facebook, has started rolling out new features to make chatbots even more powerful. Gupshup has always stayed aligned with Facebook’s features and has now launched serverless web views. This feature enables chatbots to capture multiple user data through forms.

One of the issues raised by developers creating chatbots was capturing a wide variety of user data. Previously, users were asked to submit data entries through the bot script. This made the interaction with the bot monotonous and mundane. Hosting the form was another issue faced by developers.  Gupshup addressed this issue and launched ‘ serverless webviews’ which allows developers to host the forms within Gupshup’s servers itself. Through the use of forms, developers can capture multiple data entries at one go. The form can be modified and the parameters can be adjusted depending on the use and application of the bot.  From the developer’s end, they can now capture, compile and compute large chunks data without worrying much about the hosting overheads. This will help developers to  enrich user experience by keeping the conversations short and precise.

Check out this guide, to learn how to use Gupshup’s smart webview API to create a data capture form and SendMessage API to a user from the bot built on

Team Gupshup
Team Gupshup

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