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Redefining Consumer Experience Through Chatbots

On October 28, 2021 | 6 Minutes Read
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Chatbots are an organization’s most valuable employee! Let us understand how.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a service, fuelled by both rules and artificial intelligence. End users converse with a chatbot using a chat interface. This chat is similar to how they would talk to people in real life.

Today, chatbots are not only changing the format of online experiences but are also offering immense possibilities, in practically every industry and branch of learning. It is occurring because more individuals are making use of messenger apps than social media.

Basically, a chatbot is a computer program that appears to the general public as a conversational representative. It is devised to imitate a sensible discussion with one or more human users, using aural or word-based techniques.

A chatbot is also called an artificial conversational entity (ACE). Other titles include:

  • chat robot
  • talk bot
  • chatterbot
  • chatterbox
  • smartbot
  • talkbot
  • chatterbot
  • bot
  • IM bot
  • interactive agent

How are chatbots turning out to be the main messaging tools

Though these days, chatbots are turning up in all places, they do not exist everywhere. From the time when SIRI, Apple’s voice assistant and ‘knowledge navigator’ got launched in 2011, every single technology titan has thought up and created its version. For example, Microsoft’s Office Assistant and afterwards Cortana, Google’s Google Home and Google Now or Amazon’s Alexa or Evi.

Amazon Echo voice-controlled speakers have conversations with their users through speakers, and their built-in microphones listen to and understand from across a room. Quite naturally, there is a massive state of curiosity or concern about chatbots. Right now, efforts are on to ensure that these bots keep emotional cues about their users in mind when responding to standard human queries.

What are the benefits of using chatbots?

Listed here are the principal business advantages of chatbots:

  • Enhanced customer involvement
    The quicker you answer a potential client, the higher the chances for closing a deal. Chatbots are put together in chat messengers; this chatbot interface is very acceptable to users as they utilize messengers daily to correspond and chat with friends and family members.
  • 24/7 readiness
    Chatbots, unlike human employees, are toiling all the time as they don’t need trips, holiday breaks, or reasons to celebrate. They produce an excellent customer experience by instantaneously tackling user’s inquiries at any time of the day or week.
  • Presents accurate picture of customer expectations from comments
    If permitted by a user, a chatbot can even explore and dissect conversations to get the correct view of customer behavior and work out different ways to deliver better or different services or products.
  • Furthers sales and lead qualifications
    Chatbots act as a guardian and shepherd users throughout the entire buying procedure so that customers can unearth the right products or services.Chatbots can collect data like location details, price range, gender, specific characteristics, additional marketing insights, etc.
  • Reduction in bounce rates
    To accumulate data about a user, speaking with a chatbot is much more appropriate and user-friendly than sending him or her to an altogether different website, page or window to complete a registration form.
  • Extra outlet for marketing and retargeting
    Marketing through chatbots is excellent as a company can repeatedly contact thousands of individuals with custom-built communications and offers.
  • Increased productivity
    Chatbots stimulate productivity as they rally round users with immediate and appropriate help and data.
  • Helps drive down costs
    Businesses can save money by automating customer support services via conversational AI-powered chatbots.

What are the different uses of chatbots?

In recent times, usage of social media and messaging apps have escalated, and emails have surrendered their place as the first route of communication or access between a business and a customer. With chatbots, corporations receive the critical opportunity to interrelate with their customers on a platform that they use daily and simplify people’s lives.

Listed below are a small number of their uses.

  • Chatbots in the travel industry
    Chatbots will quickly locate a travel destination for the user as he merely needs to enter the travel dates and the city of departure.
  • Chatbots in customer support
    Chatbots are regularly employed in essential customer support services and marketing systems. The main advantage of employing customer support chatbots is that users can receive on the spot replies. It also relieves customer service agents of routine queries and allows them to tackle more demanding tasks.
  • Chatbots on company internal platforms
    Innovative firms are systematically examining more ways to use chatbots internally, as in Customer Support, Human Resources department (of a firm), Internet-of-Things (IoT) ventures, etc.
  • Chatbots on messaging apps
    Messaging apps use chatbots for advertising, amplifying their customer engagement or recommending new ways of placing orders to clients.
  • Chatbots as a unit of company apps and websites
    These days, employing chatbots to respond to basic queries is carried out by numerous banks, insurance companies, e-commerce businesses, commercial airlines, hotels and restaurants, retail establishments, etc.
  • Chatbots for delivery services
    Chatbots for delivery services are exceptionally popular. Food delivery services via chatbots are extensively used.
  • Chatbot as an organizer
    Chatbots can prearrange and make our day-to-day life more orderly as they are perfectly capable of reminding you of critical consultations, appointments, etc.
  • Chatbots for mass media
    Numerous newspapers, magazines, and TV channels use the services of chatbots.
  • Chatbot in the role of a psychologist
    Chatbots in the role of a pal or a psychologist provide relief to users by keeping an eye on their moods and enquiring about their emotional feelings and wellness in the shape and structure of regular and pleasant discussions.
  • Chatbots in education
    A different way of utilizing chatbots is by making use of them in fields like learning and teaching.
  • Chatbots in healthcare
    After studying indications or warning signs of a patient, healthcare chatbots can give advice and opinions on treatments or locate their nearest hospital.
  • Chatbots in legal services
    Legal chatbots free attorneys from obligations like generating legal documents (that are inexpensive and quicker), delivering facts and figures on legal concerns or fixing appointments with a human legal representative
  • Chatbots in games/toys industry
    Chatbot-based educational toys like CogniToys teach kids by letting these scholastic chatbots intermingle with kids.

The Gupshup solution

With Gupshup’s conversational messaging platform, enterprises can bolster brand-customer engagement through chatbots available across RCS and OTT apps such as WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Viber, websites and RCS.

Gupshup’s technology and connectivity to OTT messaging platforms and RCS providers and carriers, including Google, enables enterprises to build and deploy chatbots seamlessly.

Enterprises can use these chatbots to have conversations with their audience with rich media, natural language processing, and machine learning over OTT messaging apps, and the built-in Android messages app using RCS.

#LetsGupshup to know more.

Tejaswi KR
Lead Content Marketer - Dotgo

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