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Revolutionizing Malaysia’s Last-Mile Delivery with Frictionless Conversational Interactions

On June 11, 2024 | 7 Minutes Read
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E-commerce in Malaysia faces last-mile delivery challenges due to overwhelmed customer service teams. This leaves customer service teams swamped and customers frustrated.  Conversational AI chatbots from Gupshup can be a game changer for you. They answer customer questions, track packages, and smooth the delivery experience. This keeps Malaysian customers happy and builds trust in your business.


“Exciting News! Your Package is En Route!” Sarah is thrilled but suddenly remembers, she won’t be home to receive the delivery. Panic sets in as she realizes the package might get canceled and returned to the seller if no one is there to accept it. Pretty heartbreaking, right?

But here’s where the magic of Conversational AI for logistics steps in.

Sarah quickly opens WhatsApp and contacts an AI-powered chatbot integrated with the delivery service. She types, “I won’t be home for the delivery.” The chatbot immediately offers rescheduling options with available time slots for the next few days.

She selects a convenient time, and the delivery is rescheduled without any hassle.

Like Sarah, over 75% of Malaysians are regular users of e-commerce. With growing needs comes a more responsible promise of service. And Conversational AI fulfills this promise! 

No more missed packages or returns. Conversational AI chatbots, integrated into common messaging channels like WhatsApp, Instagram, and RCS, make last-mile logistics a breeze, ensuring a delightful delivery experience for everyone.

But how can you tap into this transformative potential for your Malaysian Logistics business?

Let’s explore!

Transforming Last-Mile Delivery in Malaysia with Conversational AI

Last mile delivery Malaysia blog image 2

Conversational AI chatbots are specifically trained to understand human interactions. With Malaysia’s digital shopping habits growing daily, it can be quite an efficient alternative to handling your last-mile operations. 

They make your logistical operations more efficient. Be it engaging with customers, providing real-time updates, addressing inquiries, or ensuring smooth delivery, your Conversational AI chatbot can do it all! 

Here are some ways:

24/7 availability for inquiries and updates

Customers often have questions and concerns outside business hours, which traditional customer service might not address. Omnichannel messaging offers a solution by providing 24/7 connectivity across multiple platforms and ensuring continuous support. 

The Conversational solution for logistics can tap into these channels using a single API.

Your customers can ask about anything and everything, let’s say, through their WhatsApp inbox, and your Conversational AI chatbot will be ready to address them!

Last mile delivery Malaysia blog image 3

Helpful tone and multi-lingual support 

The best thing about using a Conversational AI chatbot is its personalized approach. For a country as big as Malaysia, customers from diverse cultural backgrounds and multiple languages need to easily use your logistic service. 

Your Conversational AI solution lets all your customers communicate freely in their languages. With advanced NLP, the AI chatbots instantly detect your customer’s tone and curate personalized answers to customer issues.

The result? A positive user experience every single time!

Last mile delivery Malaysia blog image 4

Reverse last-mile logistics

Globally, at least 30% of products are returned, and 79% of customers look for easy and hassle-free returns before buying the product. So, it’s kind of a necessity to stay on top of your game when it comes to the reverse last mile! 

A Conversational AI chatbot can kickstart a heavy task for you. With advanced data analytical capability, Conversational AI solutions can capture and analyze data from customer interactions, providing valuable insights into common return reasons and product issues.

They can automate routine tasks, such as generating return labels and tracking return shipments, and streamline the entire return process. This helps reduce processing times and ensures that returns are handled efficiently. 

Conversational AI for logistics contributes to a smoother reverse logistics operation.

Last mile delivery Malaysia blog image 5

Gaining customer insights and feedback

You know your last mile is mostly about giving customers the best experience. At the same time, you need to gather their feedback to know how happy they are with your service!

Conversational AI solutions can analyze patterns and store each customer’s personalized preferences. This generates valuable insights into customer expectations and delivery trends. 

Also, it solves logistic queries and collects feedback, ratings, reviews, and sometimes complaints from customers.

Last mile delivery Malaysia blog image 6

Building a Conversational AI Strategy for Your Last-Mile Delivery in Malaysia

Conversational AI Strategy for your last mile delivery

Now that we know the benefits of Conversational AI chatbots for enhancing last-mile delivery, let’s create a blueprint for implementation.

With Malaysia’s e-commerce market expected to reach $38.28 billion by 2030, it’s crucial to match your service to this growth.

Start by choosing a conversational commerce platform that includes all your preferred features. Platforms like Gupshup’s Conversational AI solutions can revolutionize your logistics strategy by integrating with multiple messaging sites. This ensures your customers can connect with you through their preferred apps, anytime and anywhere. 

Since our final goal is to build the last-mile structure, let’s start with a step-by-step guide:

Define your goals

Conversational AI for logistics can serve your customers in various ways during last-mile delivery. Before diving in, define your objectives clearly. Decide whether you want it to be informative, proactive, transactional, or everything at once.

Choose the right platform

Where do you want your customers to interact with you? 

Popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram are common choices in Malaysia. For example, WhatsApp is a popular choice among customers with its massive user base. 54% of customers worldwide now prefer WhatsApp delivery updates. And the Malaysian scene is no different! 

You can research your target audience’s demographics and preferred communication channels before choosing one. The best news is that you can choose all of them with your conversational AI for logistics

Select the right service provider

You will need a platform to launch chatbots and manage campaigns. Gupshup is a leading contender, offering a comprehensive suite of features.

Whether you personalize your messages with Customer 360 or communicate over 30+ platforms with omnichannel messaging, Gupshup is ready to help. Strengthen encrypted data security between you and your customers and offer them the best service experience like never before!

E-commerce platform integration

Your customers can get frustrated by missed deliveries with cash on payment, when they are not home, right?

To get rid of situations like this, enable transactions through chat. Integrate your conversational AI chatbot with your existing e-commerce platform, and manage purchases directly within the messaging app. No need to switch apps anymore!


The future of Malaysian logistics is customer-centric and data-driven. It desperately calls for a revolution in last-mile delivery with a conversational AI chatbot

Conversational AI for logistics can offer a personalized and helpful experience, real-time tracking, faster issue resolution, and improved customer satisfaction. Additionally, AI chatbots in Malaysia can lead to efficient service and cost savings for your logistics companies.

Gupshup goes beyond basic Conversational AI solutions, providing valuable data insights to streamline operations further. It stands ready to be your partner in your business, ensuring a smooth and successful delivery experience for every last-mile package. 

There is no better feeling than coming home to a parcel. Make sure your customers enjoy this experience hassle-free, happily, and with ingrown trust. 

Get in touch with Gupshup to open the door to unlimited possibilities for your logistics requirements!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can AI be used in logistics?

A conversational AI in logistics can optimize delivery routes, predict demand, automate tasks like order fulfillment, and power chatbots for improved customer service and real-time tracking.

How to use AI in the supply chain?

AI can analyze data to forecast product demand, identify bottlenecks, and optimize inventory management. This can reduce costs, improve product availability, and enhance overall supply chain efficiency.

What is an example of a conversational AI?

Chatbots, virtual agents, and voice assistants are some popular examples that use conversational AI today. They all use natural language processing to understand your questions and provide information or complete tasks.

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