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Gupshup increased Doubtnut’s tutor-student engagement rate by 260% with WhatsApp chatbot

Gupshup helped the education platform provider Doubtnut go live with a WhatsApp chatbot to provide a streamlined experience with a 95% user satisfaction rate.

The Problem

Students in need of guidance with STEM-related matters, could upload pictures of their questions on the Doubtnut website or mobile app. A sophisticated optical character recognition matched the students’ query with pre-recorded content in the Doubtnut database, to display the most appropriate one. But Doubtnut team sought a faster and efficient way to serve the students and maintain contact with them.

The Solution

Gupshup developed a WhatsApp chatbot that retains the core functions of the Doubtnut platform, with a streamlined and a user-friendly interface that provided a seamless experience. Students could send their questions via WhatsApp and receive links to five solution videos, with options in 11 different languages, in all of 10 seconds. The chatbot produced a 95 percent user satisfaction rate, resulting in the number of daily users going up by 224 percent.

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