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Conversational Support FAQ

Conversational support is the modern, customer-focused take on traditional customer support. This new approach leverages a mix of automated two-way conversations, both with a chatbot or voice-bot and with a live agent. 

The primary goal is to make the customer support experience richer, more contextual, and more meaningful than would be possible with the traditional live agent-only approach, or an automated-only approach. Companies can also implement a conversational support IVR that allows customers to self-serve and successfully resolve their issues quickly and with minimal fuss.

For customers, conversational support makes it easy to find the right answers to queries with minimal friction, and in the fastest possible time. It provides customers with personalised help in the right context, and in an easy, conversational manner that they appreciate.

Companies can leverage conversational support to be there for their customers on customers’ preferred medium. They can offer timely, relevant, and fully personalised support at a low cost and scale. More importantly, they can connect with customers in meaningful ways and build long-term relationships that surpass transactional interactions.

With a conversational support platform like Gupshup, firms can easily set up conversational support on any messaging channel or even embed the support workflow into a website, app or any digital/physical surface to build greater rapport and deliver enhanced customer experiences.

In the current business climate, it’s challenging for businesses to create a positive brand perception based only on product price, quality or marketing strategies. Perceptions are constantly being built and eroded by consumer communities that talk to each other and even influence each other. Moreover, product experiences, customer support experiences, and overall customer experiences matter a lot more.

That is why customer support must be a core part of the company’s offerings. And for this, conversational support is ideal. By leveraging Gupshup’s conversational support platform, companies can provide contextual, timely and hyper-personalised support to resolve customer issues in the most seamless way possible. They can also build strong relationships that create and maintain a positive brand perception for the long term.

Traditional transactional support focuses on resolving issues with generic solutions and canned answers. The goal is to close open tickets or incident reports as soon as possible. The system organises the customers into queues, and frequent transferring increases their wait time for talking to a live agent. The information keeps repeating or gets lost, which leads to customer frustration and brand disengagement.

Conversational support is the antithesis of transactional support. The support team has an ongoing conversation with customers that evolves. Every conversation is warm, friendly, and focused on the customer and their unique challenge. When brands implement a solution like Gupshup, it gets easy for the customers to contact them via any channel. The agents can access their history to provide them contextual and personalised solutions adding value to every interaction.

The best conversational support solutions like Gupshup include five key elements: support entry points, intelligent support chatbots, WhatsApp-based customer support tool routing to single or multiple live agents, and support dashboards.

 The support entry points make it possible to set up conversational support on any messaging channel, website, app, or digital/physical surface (activated via a QR code). Gupshup’s Conversational AI engine powers chatbots to allow them to handle simple FAQs and complex or advanced queries. Conversations can also be seamlessly routed to single or multiple agents as required.

 The WhatsApp-based tool lets companies set up and scale customer support over this massively popular messaging platform. Support dashboards provide a quick, visual view of vital metrics and performance data. One can also integrate the Gupshup conversational support solution with leading CRM, ORM, social media and marketing automation systems to scale up the benefits of conversational support at a low cost.