Omnichannel customer engagement at scale with Conversational AI-powered Chatbots

IA conversacional

Conversational AI Engine that enables the creation of Intelligent Chatbots and improvement in on-device messaging experiences

DIY AI Tools (no-code, low-code, yo-code) with CPaaS

Plug-n-play AI Models and Templates (pre-built, pre-tested AI data models and industry AI chatbot templates)

Tools for building AI-enabled conversational chatbots

  • No-code AI

    No-code AI

    Choose from a list of pre-built AI bot templates, customize its content and instantly publish it. Launch a fully functional banking or insurance bot in minutes.

  • Low-code AI

    Low-code AI

    Create detailed and advanced conversational bots using just point-and-click tools.

  • Yo-code AI

    Yo-code AI

    Get bot development lifecycle tools from scripting to analytics for building best & most advanced chatbots

All Models and Templates

  • Pre-trained AI models reduce dev time

    Pre-trained AI models reduce dev time

    AI language models are fine-tuned by training on domain-specific vocabulary

  • NLP-on-the-Fly for pre-trained AI models

    NLP-on-the-Fly for pre-trained AI models

    No need to train the NLP model before implementing it

  • On-device Experiences

    On-device Experiences

    Build cross-brand user-profile, context and preferences that can improve bot experiences

  • Tagging tool

    Tagging tool

    Ensure active learning-powered recommendations for searching data to tag in a large database

  • On-device Bot store for discovery

    On-device Bot store for discovery

    Search & discover your enterprise chatbot online from our bot store to seamlessly transition to individual bots

Industry-specific AI modules

  • Banking


    KYC, collections, branch locator, card finder, loan finder, payment options

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  • E-commerce


    Package tracking, delivery rescheduling, returns

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  • Travel


    Hotel changes, flight upgrade, local attractions

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On-device Conversational AI


On-device AI capabilities for message analysis and personalization to enhance all bots

  • AI models for on-device classification and visualization on Xiaomi and OnePlus devices
  • An ontology consists of over 100+ categories/sub-categories can extract multiple entities at each node
  • The largest data set in the industry with over 300 billion messages
  • These models have been continually optimized for accuracy and security and privacy, with all user-data staying on the device
  • Deployed on over 100 million devices
  • Only company in the world to have built on-device message classification AI models at scale

On-device Bot store and Super bot for discovery

  • Bot store as the one place to search and discover enterprise bots
  • Ability to seamlessly transition to individual bots / conversational experiences
  • Super Bot serves as the equivalent of a search engine, starting point for conversational experiences
  • Leverages AI to understand user queries and recommend relevant bots
  • Query can be by brand, topic or interest area
  • Make the bot store available through different channels

On- device Experiences

  • A bot-friendly messaging app with bots, bot store and on-device AI-Automated actions on behalf of the user with the user (pre-approval)
  • Builds cross-brand user-profile, context and preferences that can improve all bot experiences
  • Enhances user profile with massive data sets from messaging logs
  • Analogous to Chrome password, credit card store, user preferences

Tagging tool

  • Enterprise messaging ontology-driven tagging of a knowledge base expressing how companies communicate with users.
  • Contains more than 150 entities and 75 categories, trained over millions of transactions.
  • Active learning powering recommendations for searching data to tag in a large database.

Most Asked Question: What is an example of conversational ai?

Conversational AI is more embedded in our lives than we realise. Here are some common manifestations

  • FAQ bots on banking apps

  • Personal assistants on mobile phone

  • Voice Assistants in Cars


What is Conversational AI? The 2022 Guide!

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