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Google Business Messaging FAQ

Google Business Message is a conversational messaging channel that combines entry points on Google Search, Maps, Ads phone dialer and brand owned assets such as websites to create rich, asynchronous messaging experiences that delight customers and drive more business results. With Google Business Messages, your customers can click the ‘Message’ button presented within the search results to start a conversation with your company. It gives your business the ability to be available for your customers when they are looking for you/your services.

Yes, there is an API for Google Business Message. It enables customers to message your business from Google Search directly. It provides an easy and direct conversational channel to customers from entry points on Google Maps, Search, and brand websites.

With 2 trillion global searches on its search engine each year, Google has become the de-facto gateway to the world. You can connect with your customers that search for keywords related to your business via Google Business Messaging. Google Business Messaging API makes it easier to acquire them as customers, sell them products and services and provide support to them. We enable better customer engagement through conversational messaging, powering over 6 billion messages per month. 

With a Google Business Messaging API, businesses can get featured in local searches, organic searches, answer cards and integrate with third-party tools like ordering, delivery tracking, customer support, etc. You can also provide competent assistance to customers to view products with the help of attractive features such as carousels, suggested replies, videos, and images.

Google Business Messages provides a simple, frictionless way for customers to connect with your business. It enables a straightforward representation of your business with quick responses via new smart replies, visual product carousels, unique welcome messages. With Gupshup Google Business Messaging API, you can transition from automated replies to a customer service agent handover smoothly.

Leverage Google’s Business Messaging to connect with your customers and solve queries faster. Be available on mobile websites with smart, automated replies paired with live agents. You can promote innovative ways in which communication tools can be used on Google search engines. The Google Business Messaging API also gives you a medium to manage your customers and drive them towards your business. Expand business messages on Google Maps and Google Search and integrate Business Messages directly with your service platforms.

Deploying GBM or Google business messages has no impact on your existing channels. GBM adds an extra channel for serving the customers from the listing in Google Search, Maps, and Ads.

Gupshup can help enable the “GBM Messages” option for the listing on Google search, maps, and Ads to the individual stores. Thus enabling your customers to easily communicate with each store.

Gupshup being a partner for Google, helps you with all the approvals and clearances required from Google, besides handling the technical set up and installation processes and integration with your live agent system. If you do not have a live agent system running, we can provide one along with the GBM implementation.

Some of the benefits of Google Business Messaging are:

  • Chat history persistence
    GBM’s chat history persistence enables brands and customers to respond to each other up to a duration of 30 days.On web chat, conversations cannot be continued after a few hours.
  • Multiple discovery points
    GBM chatbots are discoverable from multiple channels, like google search, Ads, Maps, Websites and Phone dialers whereas web chatbots are discoverable only from websites. Thus, enabling brands to reach more customers.
  • Ease of access
    Multi-pronged accessibility of GBM from search results helps consumers reach brands faster. This is another advantage over web chat which requires a user’s presence on the website to initiate a conversation.

GBM chat history persists for a period of 30 days. This gives brands time to strategize on catering to the unsuccessful leads and re-engage with them to improve the conversion rate. For example, when leads stop engaging with a brand after knowing that the products of their choice were out of stock, the brands can immediately restock and reconnect.

Yes, GBM being a smartphone-first product, it is accessible to iOS users through Google Maps, Google Ads, and Google Search.

All the conversations from the user devices to Google’s server and in the subsequent stages that involve the Gupshup server, are fully encrypted. Brands shall be responsible for processing the user information in accordance with their privacy policies.

There is no extra cost associated with the enablement of the chat option. It is an additional engagement channel that the brands can leverage to up their conversion rates.