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Healthcare FAQ

Messaging APIs help healthcare organizations with a variety of tasks including, but not limited to, allowing more productive partnerships with medical providers, enabling more comprehensive and timely patient support services, and delivering vital information to patients.

A conversational messaging API further improves the ability of healthcare organizations to communicate with partners and patients in an informative, accessible, and timely manner. In other words, a messaging API can be utilized to completely transform the patient experience with 2-way conversations.

Using a conversational messaging API from Gupshup, healthcare organizations can share invoices, bills, and reports with their patients as soon as they are generated. A chat based interface can also be employed to enable automated patient acquisition and better patient retention. Finally, the conversations with patients can be used to collect and store patient health records and use them to deliver real-time telemedicine services.

Modern healthcare providers must embrace the age of digital transformation to meet the expectations of today’s patients and consumers. Conversational messaging allows users to interact with healthcare providers using voice or text-based chatbots and virtual assistants. This results in the much-needed improvement in the patient and user experience and also benefits the healthcare providers by enabling them to automate and streamline their processes.

Moreover, when it comes to quality healthcare, time is almost always one of the most crucial factors. Making relevant information available to patients and their caretakers in a timely fashion is crucial. This kind of instantaneous communication is made possible with the help of Gupshup conversational messaging APIs.

Conversational messaging APIs enable healthcare organizations to be more efficient and more approachable. For instance, a clinic can share diagnostic reports with patients directly on their smartphones, ensuring timely delivery of possibly critical information pertaining to their health. 

Similarly, customers can make payments and receive invoices directly on their preferred messaging platform, such as WhatsApp. Similar applications integrated with messaging APIs can improve the impact of telemedicine and even marketing for healthcare providers.

Gupshup’s messaging solutions can be completely customized to your organization’s needs. Besides supporting 30+ messaging channels so that you can reach your patients on a platform of their preference, we also offer a choice between no-code, low-code, and yo-code AI tools. These tools can be utilized to create custom conversational paths and content to empower your fully functional healthcare chatbot.

The best part is, you can choose a solution suited to the technical capabilities of your team. We also offer pre-trained healthcare-specific AI models that can be used to automate tasks like appointment scheduling, payment collection, and creation of diagnostic workflows. Healthcare organizations using the solutions offered by Gupshup are sure to gain a competitive edge in terms of application of technology and the resulting patient experience.

All information on the Gupshup platform is safeguarded by our 4-layer security setup. To ensure security of data shared and stored on our platform, we use state-of-the-art encryption. This way, we can be sure that critical information is always readily accessible to those authorized to view it.

Similarly, our data centers are also protected by physical security. We also run routine vulnerability scans to identify and eliminate any security issues that may crop up. The same is true for our platform itself. The Gupshup application undergoes a periodic code analysis based on OWASP vulnerabilities. Application security testing is used to find and eliminate such vulnerabilities. Finally, our security compliance team ensures that our products are aligned with compliance regulations.

Gupshup can empower a variety of healthcare organizations like clinics, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and home healthcare providers. Any healthcare business that can benefit from more efficient and impactful communication with their patients and partners can benefit from the Gupshup platform. 

Still not sure if Gupshup is right for your business? Reach out to us and let our experts help you figure it out.