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Travel & Hospitality FAQ

Messaging APIs can be used in the travel and hospitality industry to integrate the various platforms, tools, software, and applications used by the businesses. This enables smoother operations for the businesses and personalized, delightful experiences for their customers.

A conversational messaging API can further make the interactions between hospitality businesses and their prospects and customers more engaging and productive. It can be used to send personalized offers and vouchers to customers, boosting the chances of them making a booking. Conversational messaging APIs can integrate with your CRM to learn about customer preferences and the AI engine can use the information to deliver personalized conversational experiences to your customers.

A conversational messaging API enables guests to make bookings through a chat interface that is accessible to customers on the messaging channel of their choice. Further, messaging APIs can be employed to enable guests to check-in and check-out without making physical contact with the hotel staff. Similarly, in-room services can be availed using a chat interface with the help of conversational AI-enabled chatbots.

Guests can also use the same interface to avail 24*7 support without having to call the reception desk. This enables smooth running of the hotel operations while delivering a delightful experience to the guests. A conversational messaging API can also be used for lead generation and marketing for hotels.

The Gupshup platform can be used by all kinds of hospitality businesses, regardless of the size of their operations. Small hotels and homestays usually operate with limited manpower and sometimes, simply handling operations and delivering a delightful stay experience becomes an overwhelming challenge.

In such cases, a conversational AI platform can be used to take some workload off your hotel staff’s shoulders. From fulfilling the check-in and check-out requirements to resolving common queries of the guests, Gupshup’s AI-powered conversational marketing platform can do a number of things that your staff may currently find themselves engaged in.

Anyone with a basic grasp of how a smartphone works can use our platform. We have designed the Gupshup platform to improve accessibility and to that end, we have made the interface and setup as user friendly as possible.

However, some help may still be required to set up the Gupshup messaging API and integrate it with other tools and platforms that you may be using. For such needs, our team of expert support staff are available to help. We offer 24*7 support to all our valued customers to ensure that they can make the most of the capabilities and features offered by our platform.

Enabling conversations between businesses and customers comes with an enormous responsibility and at Gupshup we understand that. We also understand that we are responsible for protecting the integrity of the conversations that our platform enables. We understand that protecting the privacy of our users and their customers and partners is a critical part of our responsibility as a business.

That’s why, at Gupshup, we take security very seriously. We adhere to three principles of information security:

  1. We maintain confidentiality by ensuring critical information is only disclosed to authorized individuals. 
  2. We protect the integrity of the data by ensuring it stays accurate throughout its lifecycle. 
  3. We ensure availability of information through our connected solutions.

To protect critical information that is shared using our platform, we have employed a four-layer approach to security. 

  • An internal security compliance team that ensures the adoption of industry best practices. The team is also responsible for the periodic review of our internal processes and policies to ensure we continue to provide seamless services while complying with industry regulations. 
  • The application security is ensured by following secure software development practices. We also conduct periodic reviews of the code based on OWASP vulnerabilities. 
  • Our data center partners further ensure the physical security of data centers. On the other hand, our team conducts periodical security audits and tests to identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities in our infrastructure. 
  • Finally, we ensure data security with the help of encryption and continuous monitoring.