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Yes, has a Viber API. With this API, you can use Viber platform’s amazing capabilities to deliver a more engaging experience to your customers. 

By using Viber as a business messaging channel, businesses can:

  • Share verified business messages and updates through their business account. This helps create an interactive branded experience that improves the customers’ experiences and leads to better brand recall.
  • Use Viber as a fallback channel for SMS updates and ensure that updates are consistently shared with customers in real time.
  • Use Viber’s ability to send media rich messages to deliver an engaging experience.
  • Integrate Viber with existing systems to manage all interactions in a single place. Obtain analytical information to guide better decisions and create more engaging brand messaging.

To integrate your Gupshup chatbot with Viber, you will first need to create a chatbot using our platform. 

Once the chatbot has been created, you can publish it to Viber. However, there are a few steps involved in the process:

  1. Apply for a Viber chatbot account
  2. Create a Public Account on Viber.
  3. Next, choose “Viber Chat API” as your chat solution. When you select this option, you will be provided with an app key.
  4. Go to the Gupshup chatbot builder, choose Viber, enter your app key and your Public Account name.

After following these steps, you should be able to see your chatbot on your Viber Public Account. Still find the process confusing? Go to this page for a detailed video guide.

A well-designed Viber chatbot can perform a number of tasks including (but not limited to): 

  • Sending one-way alerts and notifications
    Besides sharing relevant information with your subscribers and customers in a timely manner, these outgoing notifications can be used as a way to start conversations with your customers and prospects. With the right set of messages, these conversations can be directed towards a sale or an upgrade.
  • Providing seamless customer support
    The Viber chatbot can be programmed to automatically answer the most common queries that your customers ask. It can be empowered with the right answers and relevant supporting literature which will enable your customers to help themselves, instead of waiting in line for an agent to help them out. For those uncommon queries, the chatbot can transfer the chats to agents without losing the chat history.
  • Integrating with CRM and other tools
    Integrate with CRM to deliver relevant information to audiences. Such an integration will empower your chatbots with the information they need to start fruitful conversations with your audience and customers. From automatically sending renewal reminders to collecting feedback without the need for human intervention, a chatbot can perform a surprisingly large variety of tasks for your business.
  • Providing sales assistanceThis can be accomplished with the use of rich media and customized CTAs within the chat interface. These can be used to deliver prospects with personalized product recommendations based on their activity on your website, or their preferences. 
  • Automating appointment scheduling
    A chatbot can be programmed to collect information from prospects and customers for automated appointment scheduling.

The option of sending business messages to Viber users that have opted in to your brand communication can be used in a variety of beneficial ways. From providing support and collecting feedback, to tracking customer deliveries, to sending personalized vouchers and discounts to prospects, business messages are a powerful tool on Viber. 

With the Gupshup platform’s capabilities on your side, you can automate several parts of these conversations to improve productivity and engagement. Speak to one of our team members to understand exactly how Gupshup can help your business shine on the Viber platform.