Improve Online Reputation Management with Social Media Bots

On September 10, 2021



In this episode of #ConversationalMessaging Podcast, Product Head of Conversational AI at Gupshup Niyati Agarwal, joins VP Marketing Srinivas to discuss how smart social media chatbot can bring your brand closer to consumers. Tune in to learn how this strategy builds customer loyalty, increases sales, and even becomes a marketing tool for your brand!

Engaging to Consumers Online

Social media is so widely used these days that it has become an outlet for thousands of annoyed (sometimes satisfied) customers. When consumers are unhappy with a product, they tend to voice out their concerns online, the same way they leave positive reviews online when they feel otherwise. Hence, now is the perfect time for brands to incorporate social media chatbot and automation in their online engagement with consumers.

Getting Your Customers’ Loyalty

Social media chatbot and automation allow consumers to be heard instantly—not thirty minutes or an hour after their feedback, but instantly. This should significantly impact how consumers feel; a very mad customer can at least be turned into a neutral one. The goal is instead of having actual people monitor this pile of public consumer feedback, which is almost impossible, customers can privately reach out to smart social media bots and be presented with a deal, offer, or resolution that would leave them satisfied and with a renewed loyalty for the brand.

You’re not able to just handle the negative situations, you’re able to handle the positive sentiments of such people. And you’re creating a strategy that includes the overall engagement of your users.

Niyati Agarwal

Smart Social Media Bots

Brands need to keep in mind that the success of social media chatbot depends on how deep the context bots can perceive. If the chatbot is programmed right and is smart enough to determine what a consumer needs, a consumer who is simply engaging online to leave feedback can be led to making another purchase. Social media chatbot can definitely establish a deeper connection between brands and consumers that is beneficial for both sides in the long run.

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