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Direct and secure AI-enabled payments via Smart Messaging

Today everything, from pre-sales, sales, to after-sales, – basically the entire commerce ecosystem – has gone online. Digital storefront, websites and apps contribute to the new age shopping experience. So why should payments stay behind? Online payment modes have been in place for a while, be it cards, net banking or e-wallets but have enterprises made sure that they get paid ‘online’ ‘on time’, every time?

Businesses that engage in credit payments for their services often face problems collecting payments from their customers. Enterprises end up spending a lot of money and resources in payment collection and debt collection. Traditionally, businesses send out payment reminders via messages to their customers. These have links that take customers to a page where they can choose to make payments then and there or at a later stage. But what if these payment messages being sent out were more actionable in nature? Imagine the links embedded on these payment messages allowed customers to make the payment in a single click, from right within their device.

Enter – 1-click Bill Pay

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Smart Messaging is essential for customer engagement

Capturing customersBusinesses today are leveraging technology to connect with customers and accelerate responses. The best way to reach your customers is through mobile, and mobile itself is evolving into a thriving ecosystem with a multitude of channels and apps becoming accessible and relevant to consumers on their mobile devices. With over 1 Billion active users each on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, it’s clear that consumers love data messaging apps. Not just for personal communications, but for business communications as well. A 2016 Nielsen research study says 53% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with a business they can message.

So marketers, doesn’t this mobile messaging trend open up an opportunity to grow your business? Continue Reading

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The messenger custom chat plug-in on Open Beta

Ever since Mark Zuckerburg announced chatbots at Facebook’s annual dev conference at f8 well over a year ago, the tech giant has been aggressively rolling out updates to optimize the bot experience and make it easier for businesses to build long-lasting bonds with customers.  As the updates roll out service providers, brands and businesses have started realizing the power of building strong conversational experiences.  The latest addition to the series of well thought of and cautiously introduced updates is the introduction of the custom chat plug-in. Continue Reading

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Harness the treasure hidden in rich media content


Content marketing is responsible to connect and engage with your customers and prospects. It’s a strategic marketing approach widely used by most brands. But how do you break through the existing content clutter and stimulate the desired engagement?

If you think that relying on plain and simple content is going attract customer’s attention and increase your conversion rate – think again! Continue Reading

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The new disruptor – Conversational Marketing and its practices

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Would you like to understand what customers really want and how to give it to them? Then start conversations! Conversational Marketing is the latest buzzword in marketing.

Conversational marketing is a unique and emerging marketing methodology through which brands use one-to-one conversations that are personalized in order to learn and remember customer interests through automated technology.

In short, conversational marketing is a distinctive interaction of ‘You tell me and I’ll listen’ instead of I’ll tell you and you listen’. Continue Reading

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Engage your users with Facebook’s Customer Matching API


Facebook recently announced that they have over 100k bots and 100k developers working on Facebook Messenger. These impressive numbers are no doubt in part to Facebook’s commitment to listening to their developer base and improving their product constantly. Among the new features that they recently launched, their Customer Matching API went under the radar. But it is a feature that has the potential to bring in a lot of your existing users to your brand’s chatbot. This blog post will detail what the Customer Matching API is and how you can use it to engage your users. Continue Reading
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Two-factor Authentication – When security really matters for your business


Imagine a situation that your personal email account gets hacked. Recovery of the account would take some time but it can still be salvaged. Now imagine your corporate databases being hacked, the consequences could be far more distressing. Associated with this loss is also the damage to your brand.

You cannot afford to let your business be thrown away in the hands of hackers. Make security an inevitable part of your business. Continue Reading

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Will RCS change the world of mobile messaging?

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By Ravi Sundararajan

Chief Operating Officer |

Mar 29, 2017

Today, users want to do more with their messages than just “text”. The rich messaging features of messaging services like WhatsApp, WeChat etc. are the reason why these apps are enjoying unparalleled global adoption. However, text messaging that is widely used by all users, especially in emerging markets, has so far had limited functionality. RCS is part of the new Advanced Messaging standard designed to greatly improve messaging functionality that comes installed on phones by default. Along with text messages, RCS will also allow for higher quality picture messaging up to 10MB in size, group chats, location sharing, and even video calls by default. The service also appears to support read receipts and typing indicators that you’re probably already familiar with from other services. Continue Reading