Enable interactive mobile experiences for customers with RCS Messaging API

Upgrade SMS with branding, trust marks, rich media, and enhanced interactivity

rcs messaging API

Offer seamless two-way communication in a rich, conversational environment

Gupshup has technical integrations and commercial relationships with other RCS platforms

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RCS Features and Capabilities

  • Rich Media

    Rich Media

    Send rich-media features such as QR code, image, video, audio, location, etc. combined with contextual intelligent follow-ups to enable businesses to communicate effectively

  • Branding


    RCS provides options to enhance branding through logos and icons that appear alongside each message

  • Carousels


    Enhances customer experience by providing a rich media carousel that enables customers to browse

  • Quick Replies

    Quick Replies

    Enables interactive communication by providing quick replies through actionable buttons at the end of the message

  • Suggested Actions

    Suggested Actions

    Empower users to take actions such as opening a URL, clicking on payment link, viewing or sharing a location, or make a call by simply clicking on a button

  • Verified Trust

    Verified Trust

    Provides a checkmark against the brand name offering trust and assurance to customers

Reimagine the way you connect with your customers

All the areas of enterprise-consumer engagement are covered

  • Transaction


    • Make your transactions fast and seamless across various industries
    • Provide login or password help
    • Facilitate onsite conversion
    • Show order status
  • Customer Service

    Customer Service

    • Help customers instantly
    • Customer Concierge: Billing and account services
    • Recharge Assistant: Phones, Plans, and Offers
    • Troubleshooting advisor: Customer support and self-service
  • Marketing


    • Market your brand seamlessly
    • Increase engagement
    • Enhance brand love
    • Provide new ways for users to interact with your brand
  • Chatbots


    • Scale sales and support
    • Reduce customer support costs
    • Filter and direct queries
    • Higher CSAT scores

Engage with RCS on all devices with Gupshup’s Universal RCS Solution.

Ensure 100% reach by offering an RCS-like experience even on non-RCS-enabled devices such as iPhone or feature phones.


Unique Gupshup offerings to seed RCS Usage

  • RichOTP ®

    RichOTP ®

    Send one-time passwords (OTPs) to customers in the most secure manner with one-touch authentication

  • RichSMS ™

    RichSMS ™

    Upgrade any SMS into RCS with a brand logo and verification checkmark

  • Rich Promotions

    Rich Promotions

    Enrich the promotional messages with brand verification uptick for improved click-through and response rates for brands, leading to better ROI

  • Rich Notifications

    Rich Notifications

    Enrich customer notifications with branding and action buttons for improved customer engagement and brand loyalty

  • Rich Coupons

    Rich Coupons

    Share coupons with images and carousels, to boost the overall user experience and usage rates

  • Rich Surveys

    Rich Surveys

    Design and implement surveys with two-way messaging, rich cards, suggested messages, and carousels to improve participation rates

RCS Business Benefits

Engage customers through seamless automation and start building solutions with our Messaging API

  • Global reach with enterprise reliability

    Help enterprises engage with customers worldwide with direct carrier connections.

  • One platform, multiple channels

    A Single API to access every communication channel your customers use

  • World-class support and Regulatory Compliance

    24/7 support for you and your team built for international laws and regulations.


Currently, all Android handsets that have the Google’s Messages (or Samsung Messages) app built into them as the SMS messaging client, support the RCS. Users can download the Google Messages app on their own to use RCS.

Currently, Apple does not support RCS messaging on iPhones, but it is expected that RCS would be supported on iPhone in the future as a part of the compliance to 5G standards.

Following is the procedure to check whether an Android device running on Google’s messaging app supports RCS.
  • Open the phone’s Google Messaging app
  • Select the 3 dots in the upper right corner∙
  • Click on Settings If a menu item called Chat Features is visible, then the device is RCS-enabled.

    • The various options under Chat Features can be enabled or disabled as per the user preferences.

OTT apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, are IP-based apps that need to be downloaded. RBM on the other hand reaches the handset’s native messaging app (or the SMS client), thereby eliminating the need to install additional apps. Hence, leveraging the RBM allows brands to touch base with more potential customers than OTT apps. The additional benefits are:
  • Increased level of trust and security
  • Improves results, security, and branding of OTPs at optimized costs
  • You can leverage your chatbot investment with OTT apps

Yes. Gupshup integrates RCS with your current live agent system, thereby allowing you to use RCS with other business messaging solutions.

Definitely. You can list your bot on the Bot Store, the world’s first directory of RCS and WhatsApp bots that helps users discover and connect with your bot. Users can also rate and review the bot, which can significantly boost usage. Visit the bot store page for more information.