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Integrations FAQ

When it began, Facebook was a way of sharing your life events with friends, but we have now come a long way since then. A lot of business gets conducted over Facebook now. Not only that, Facebook is used to generate leads, progress those leads to closure, and also engage with customers post-purchase. All of this generates a huge volume of data, and a good integration system can help the business user keep all of it together, track it, and make use of it. If the business owner can add integrations onto the Facebook page, it would bring immense benefits.

A good integration tool helps a business to generate leads from WhatsApp, qualify the leads to filter out those which might not be productive and makes them available to the business owner as workable leads to engage with and track. For example, at Gupshup, we enable different leads generated using social media apps like WhatsApp or Facebook to be made available with tools like Zoho, Salesforce, or Freshworks. We also have ready-to-use integrations that you can plug into third-party B2B apps to make your WhatsApp leads available for all your activities.

To add integration tools to WhatsApp and other apps, you need to use the appropriate integrations. Such integrations can be ready-made chatbot templates placed inside your conversation layer and just below the integration layer. You can use these chatbots to capture leads from the conversation, while the integration layer can facilitate the flow of information to make the conversations available to the third party integration tools.

You can use these data points to send notifications, create service tickets generated from customer conversations, and send timely notifications from the service desk. This way, you not only collect data but also use it efficiently using the same integration.

A business user could use any number of social media applications like Facebook or WhatsApp for engaging with prospective, current, and even past customers. This means several integrations could be needed, depending on what the business user wishes to do. For example, the business user might want to initiate integrations with service tickets to resolve customer queries or complaints.

If lead generation is the primary purpose, then the data from WhatsApp or other apps need to be integrated with the lead fulfillment tool used by the sales teams. Feel free to check out the Gupshup website, and we would be happy to tell you what we offer.

Initiating several conversations and generating multiple leads are not useful if placed in isolation. This needs to flow back to marketing and sales teams for them to become useful. This is why it is recommended that business users integrate with WhatsApp and other social media applications so that the loops created can also be closed. If you are a marketing or sales manager, then we would be glad to discuss this integration with you.