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Instagram Messenger API FAQ

The Instagram Messenger API is a capability which businesses can harness to build personal connections with their followers and users on Instagram. The API helps businesses engage in personal conversations with the help of automated chatbots. Integrating with existing tools and data, the API makes managing high volume conversations easier. Powered with conversational AI expertise from Gupshup, the API makes A2P (application to person) conversations natural, thereby enabling businesses to deliver a marvelous conversational experience at every phase of customer journey.

There are some unique features associated with Messenger API for Instagram that can help you engage with your followers and users on Instagram. With Instagram API, you can respond to basic customer queries faster using automation, while a human agent can handle more complex queries via live support. It can help you generate more brand visibility by engaging more with customers on Instagram using a chatbot. It can also effectively scale messaging workflows to better your customer experience, build more authentic relationships and drive real business outcomes.

Instagram API supports – Text, Sticker, Image (in jpg, png, ico, bmp formats in less than 8MB), Video, Product template carousel (up to 10), Generic template carousel (upto 10)  for title, subtitle, image, and buttons (up to 3). Instagram API doesn’t support attachments of any kind.

Ice-breakers are a set of conversational starter suggestions which are shown by Instagram chatbots when a user opens a brand’s Instagram DM. These suggestions are meant to help users start a conversation. Some of the examples of icebreakers can be: Explore New Arrivals, Check Order Status, Connect to a Live Agent, etc.

The Instagram messenger API, enables you to launch chatbots for every kind of interaction with your customers. From sharing product recommendations based on context, to enabling users to buy products right from within the messenger app, and offering 24*7 support to customers, you can use the API to deliver a 360 degree customer experience. And with smart tailored customer journeys from Gupshup, the possibilities are limitless.

With all means, yes. In today’s competitive world, it is imperative for a brand to be omnipresent to outrun its competition. With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is a must have platform for businesses. Instagram Messenger API gives your business an added capability besides its current presence, to take your instagram strategy to the next level. It allows brands to do more than just share posts and stories. It enables you to integrate conversations and thereby drive real business results.

Yes, Instagram messenger API enables you to configure your Instagram chabot to auto reply to comments, story mentions, story replies and any direct messages from users privately on DMs.

You can integrate your Instagram messenger chatbot into your Instagram Ads. This would enable your prospects to ask any questions the moment they see your ad and buy the product instantly without ever leaving Instagram.

When a user sends a message to your chatbot, you can send any number of messages to the user within the next 24 hours of their last message. However, after 24 hours of the user’s last message to you, you cannot send any message to the user. For example, if the last message from the user to you was at 11AM on Monday, you can send any number of messages up until 11AM on Tuesday. You won’t be able to send any messages after 11AM on Tuesday until the user sends you a message again.

Yes, you can ask the user to share a permission to send messages after the 24-hour window. For example, if the user enquires about a product and wishes to place an order for it, but the product is out of stock for the time being, then you can configure your Instagram chatbot to ask the user if they would like to be reminded once the product is back in stock. If the user opts-in for the reminder, your chatbot can send a reminder message to the user once the product is back in stock even after the 24-hour window.

First, you need an Instagram Business (Professional) account.

Second, you need to link your Instagram business account to your Facebook page.

Third, you need to integrate your chatbot with your Instagram business account on the Gupshup platform.You can check the detailed process here.

Ofcourse, with Gupshup, you can launch Instagram chatbots even if you don’t have any development capabilities in-house. You can connect with our team by sharing your interest at and we will take it forward from there.

At Gupshup, we have been pioneering the field of conversational messaging for over a decade now. With Gupshup’s smart automation solutions you can level up your customer experience with conversations at all stages of their journey i.e marketing, commerce and support. You can provide personalized offers or deals to the user based on custom logic and requirements. With our tailored journeys you can redefine and even replicate your offline customer experience on Instagram. 

Since Instagram does not support sending bulk notifications, Gupshup helps you collect relevant information about the user like phone number and emails and re-target users on other channels like GIP, SMS and email. You can also integrate your Instagram chabot with your existing CRMs, payment gateways, ticketing systems, and POS systems like Shopify, Zendesk, Zoho, FreshDesk, etc. Our solutions like one-click bill payment enables you to make purchases quickly and easily via messaging, and our automation solution for ORM helps you manage ORM on Instagram like never before. 

Yes, with Gupshup, you can integrate your existing live support set up with your Instagram chabots. This will help you transfer users seamlessly to a live agent when they request for one or when the queries are too complex to be handled by a chatbot.

Yes, Gupshup enables you to access the chat history with users so that you can always look back at the previous conversations when engaging with customers.