Enabling AI-powered Personalization for Customers, at scale

AI-powered experiences at every step of the customer journey


Leveraging AI to analyze actionable data for users

Behavioural Modelling

Built-in models capable of predicting future behaviour

Frequency Prediction

Predict the intent of the user during the conversation

Suggestive AI

Enabling data-backed content suggestions for users

Recommendation Systems

Algorithms and data analysis to understand how a specific customer might engage


AI-based personalisation engine for a transformative customer experience

  • Personalised marketing support

    Personalised marketing support

    Proactively share content with users including offers such as deals, coupons based on the user buying history and interests

  • User profiling

    User profiling

    Create user profiles with complete details captured over the course of conversation with virtual assistants across channels

  • Recommendation engine

    Recommendation engine

    Provide intent-based recommendations to help you understand user interest, buying history, likes, dislikes and activity across channels

  • Predictive user engagement

    Predictive user engagement

    Easily predict user behaviour, make conversational suggestions to the user with the data collected about a user

  • Re-engage with users

    Re-engage with users

    Tap into user affinities to remember conversations and patterns to provide a better personalised experience while re-engaging with users

  • In-built assistance

    In-built assistance

    Hand hold the user and provide the required assistance over the course of the conversational journey