Document Cognition meets Conversational Messaging

A solution that combines Document Cognition Technology with Omnichannel Messaging

Gupshup Doc Cog bridges the difference between existing knowledge and tactical model training without introducing any change management in existing processes and information

How does the bot work?

  • Integration


    Establish secure connections to knowledge repositories and file types

    Support hosting non-sensitive documents on our AWS cloud

  • Cognition


    Our AI engine indexes and maps the context of the information to match specific intents in user provided input

    The results can be queued in the NLP retraining procedures

  • Prediction and Learning

    Prediction and Learning

    With Machine Learning, the engine is able to use Natural Language Generation and generate possible questions and NLP models

    Facilitate addition of new features to conversational automation without making any core design changes

Benefits of the Document Cognition Bot

  • Saving in efforts

    Reduction in manual efforts to answer queries by customers, vendors, partners, etc

  • Cost saving

    Savings on costs spent in manpower needed to scan through documents to find answers to questions

  • Boost productivity

    Increased productivity of document and data handling

  • Better turnaround time

    Provide instant data to customers on their device of choice, and accelerate turnaround times

  • Adherence to policies

    Ensure adherence to business policies and regulatory requirements and provide compliance audit trails

  • Easy adoption

    The technology can be deployed on native web channels as well as conversational channels like WhatsApp, MS teams, SMS

  • Auto QA bots

    Use existing documents in multiple formats (PDF, Word files, scanned images, transcripts) stored on secure data warehouses to be parsed and indexed in a secure manner.

  • Increased accuracy

    Training language models at scale and with existing knowledge assures increased accuracy and reduced failed conversations