Get the best out of WhatsApp messaging

Ensure approvals per WhatsApp guidelines


While sending one-way messages & responses to customers on WhatsApp, leverage Gupshup messaging templates to ensure easy approvals per WhatsApp’s guidelines

What types of messaging templates are allowed on WhatsApp?

  • User-requested Message

    User-requested Message

    A message the user has asked or requested for

  • Follow-up Message

    Follow-up Message

    A follow-up on a previous conversation made to the customer

What types of messaging formats are allowed on WhatsApp?

  • Text Message

    Text Message

    Message formats for common reusable notifications a business may want to send

  • Interactive Buttons

    Interactive Buttons

    businesses can redirect the user to a URL

    Quick Reply
    tap and submit their response

  • Media Message

    Media Message

    Send images, documents or PDFs using the media message templates

Best Practices for WhatsApp messaging templates to secure approvals

  • Message Template Name: Make your message template name clear. Instead of using a name like 'template_014,' use 'bus_ticket_details'
  • Providing more clarity gives reviewers context around how the message template will be used. Add a sample when submitting a template, wherever possible
  • When a business wants to have the same template content in various languages, create the template under one template name and include all different languages in a single submission
  • If you need a message template to reopen the 24-hour window, start with a mention of the previous conversation thread
  • Delete templates you don’t plan to use. There’s a limit of 250 templates per WABA
  • Parameter values can’t have newline characters. To display multiple options like a list, and if the number of options varies by customer (e.g., travel quotes, items in an order), create as many templates as there are options, Or create one template with a Quick Reply button “Show More”
  • Create templates 1:1 in nature for a personalised experience
  • Avoid acronyms