Listen and Act on Social Media

Monitor your social media mentions 24*7 and act immediately when a content is published

Social Reputation Bot enables businesses to monitor feedback on social media channels and interact with the customer who shared the feedback in a timely manner. The bot keeps an eye on major social media channels and gets triggered when there is mention/comment/tagging of the brand name/brand page. The bot interacts with the person who posted the content, collects the necessary information, and creates a ticket in the support desk/CRM.

Social Listening + Chatbot + Messaging Channels

  • Positive Remarks

    Positive Remarks

    Customers who leave positive reviews are attended proactively with automated thank you messages.

  • Neutral Remarks

    Neutral Remarks

    Customers who write neutral mentions of the brand are attended immediately and the discussion thread is never missed.

  • Negative Remarks

    Negative Remarks

    Attend immediately to bad reviews and move the conversation to a private chat before it does any damage to the brand

  • Offers & Incentives

    Offers & Incentives

    Offer automated incentives to users who leave good remarks about your brand and motivate them to talk more about you socially

  • Product Enquiry

    Product Enquiry

    Users who are enquiring about a product or service are answered proactively with product suggestions and a link to chat privately

  • Complaints


    Over the chat, collect details of a complaint and register tickets automatically. At a later stage, share the resolution with customers on their preferred messaging channel

Simple and effective social listening for brands

  • 24*7 Listening

    24*7 Listening

    No need to have a large social listening team, as the bot can listen to all major social channels 24 hours a day 7 days a week

  • Integration with Support Desk

    Integration with Support Desk

    Integrates with support desk to create tickets with all details provided by the customer during the interactions

  • Immediate Response

    Immediate Response

    The bot immediately responds to a social mention, before any other user replies or comments on the thread

  • Conversational Flow

    Conversational Flow

    The bot moves the conversation with the customer to a private chat and uses a conversational flow instead of giving a form to fill which most social listening tools do

  • 30+ Messaging Channels

    30+ Messaging Channels

    Integrate with 30+ messaging channels and communicate with customers on their preferred channels after the first encounter on social media

  • Integration with CRM

    Integration with CRM

    Integrate with CRM to store the interaction details of a customer and use that data in future sales and marketing efforts

Benefits to Social Reputation Bot

  • No Brand Embarrassment

    Social Reputation Bot is more effective than any other social media tool and saves the brand from public embarrassment and humiliation

  • High Intent Leads

    Prospects enquiring about your product or services socially are high intent leads. Never miss them

  • Reduced Staff Cost

    Don’t spend big amounts in maintaining huge ORM teams when the Social Reputation Bot does it for you at a fraction of the cost

  • All in one tool

    The Social Reputation Bot comes with features such as a chatbot and integration with 30+ messaging channels

  • Competitive Advantage

    Gain an edge over competitors in your industry with advanced technology and customer experience

  • Strong Brand Recall

    When you are proactive on social media, your brand recall value will be highest in the industry

Engage with your customers across 30+ channels

  • SMS


    Deliver text messages to 225 countries through a cost-effective and programmable single API

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  • WhatsApp


    Handle WhatsApp opt-in through SMS, missed call & web-chat, and large template volumes with auto translation

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  • RCS


    A global partner for Google RCS that enables free flow of all forms of communication including videos, images, documents, audio, location

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  • GBM


    A mobile conversational channel that combines entry points on Google Maps, Search, and brand websites to create rich, asynchronous messaging experiences

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  • Gupshup Messaging

    Gupshup Messaging

    Advanced channel developed by Gupshup to offer rich formats and great flexibility in developing conversational experiences

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