Customer Support:

A tool provided by Gupshup for seamless conversation with customers over WhatsApp.

Capabilities provided by Gupshup customer support dashboard -

  • Enable support team to respond instantly to customer queries
  • Receive and Share rich media like document, image, audio and video with customers
  • Pre-trained responses to frequently asked customer queries can be created helping in quicker resolution
  • Keep customers engaged with automated responses for Away or BRB modes
  • Set a display name, a display picture and greeting message customized as per your business needs
  • Easily switch from automated responses to live chat conversation
  • Support on web as well as mobile

Access API:

API is used to build a custom application which helps you to receive messages from customers and send messages to them, in case you want to integrate with your own service or application.

Capabilities provided by Gupshup Access API-

  • Flexible REST API that you can integrate with your CRM or Customer Support platform or existing chatbot application
  • Send messages to customers using REST API
  • Support to send rich media like document, image, audio and video in response to customer’s queries and only for 24 hours since customer’s last sent message on WhatsApp
  • Receive messages sent by customers via webhooks
  • Receive rich media like document, image, audio and video from customers
  • Freedom to design your application as per your business requirement
Monthly Subscription Charges 30 USD
First 30K messages (includes incoming and outgoing messages) Free
Cost After 30K messages (includes incoming and outgoing messages) 0.001 USD per message
It usually takes around 3-15 days for approval from WhatsApp. You will get an email notification when your app is finally approved. If your app has not been approved even after 15 days, please write to

Sandbox is the demo environment which you can use to test Gupshup features and end user's behaviour for WhatsApp Business communication.

You can use sandbox free of cost without any special setup, click here to create an app and follow the steps.

  • Google Chrome: Version 45 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox: Version 44 and above

Yes, this can be configured in App Settings. Setup automated responses, Greeting message, Away message, Be right back (BRB).

If access to any existing WhatsApp Live chat links needs to be revoked (due to personal turnover or security issues), hit 'Refresh access' under Settings to expire ALL existing access. To then continue to use WhatsApp Live chat, use the new links generated under Settings Shortcut to your WhatsApp Customer Support tool.

Customer Support: A URL will be provided on which multiple users can log-in, there are no separate credentials for each individual agent.

Access API: Application is handled by the brand so they can decide the capabilities.

Post Go-Live, go to Profile Settings on the dashboard to change your business display picture.

FB Business Manager ID: It is a 15- or 16-digit numeric string which can be found by logging into with your company admin credentials.

  1. Hit URL
  2. Log on to your Business account
  3. Go to Business Settings (Top Right corner of the page)
  4. Click on Business Info (Bottom Left corner of the page)
  5. Below the Business Manager Info section you will see your Business Manager Id (Top Centre of the page)

If you do not already have a Business Manager account, you can create one from > Create Account

Customer Support: Currently Gupshup customer support panel cannot integrate with other CRM platforms.

Access API: We do not offer ready plugins but you can use our API to integrate with other CRM platforms.

Customer Support: Currently Gupshup customer support panel cannot integrate with other CRM platforms.

Access API: We do not offer ready plugins but you can use our API to integrate with other CRM platforms.

No, currently you cannot associate a bot to customer support but it's on our roadmap. If you have a specific requirement in mind you can write to us at

Sending Messages

Customer Support: All the incoming messages will be visible on customer support panel.

Access API: A callback URL can be set through App Settings on which Gupshup will forward all incoming messages.

Currently Gupshup supports only two-way conversation initiated by the end user and does not support push notifications. However, push notifications is a feature we plan to offer very soon and we will keep you posted. (Coming Soon)

  • Text (English and Unicode characters)
  • Link
  • Document
    • text/csv
    • text/comma-separated-values
    • text/plain
    • application/csv
    • application/
    • application/pdf
  • Image
    • image/png
    • image/jpeg
    • image/jpg
    • image/gif
  • Audio
    • audio/mpeg3
    • audio/x-mpeg-3
  • Video
    • video/mpeg
    • video/quicktime
    • video/mp4
    • video/mpeg
    • video/x-mpeg

Customer Support: No restrictions on incoming message but for outgoing message next line (Shift+Enter) is supported; Spacing, Bold, Italics, and emoticons are currently not supported. (Coming Soon)

Access API: Spacing, Next line, Bold, Italics, emoticons are currently supported by WhatsApp Business are supported in Access API.

Formatting Symbol Example
Bold Asterisk (*) Your total is *$10.50*.
Italics Underscore (_) Welcome to _WhatsApp_!
Strike-through Tilde (~) This is ~better~ best!
Emojis Grinning Face

Agents can only send 10 messages to a single user in 24 hours, or until the user responds back. Also, there is a limit of 100000 messages an agent can send in total in 30 days.

Customer Support: Not only customer name but a small note describing the status of the customer can be added too.

Access API: Application is handled by the brand so they can decide the capabilities.

Customer Support:

  • Responded- After an agent responds to a chat
  • Unanswered- Chat which has received BRB notification but is unattended by an agent
  • Agent responding- An agent is replying to an incoming chat
  • Notifying agent- Incoming chat which are unattended by an agent

Access API: Application is handled by the brand so they can decide the capabilities.

Customer Support: Tags are used to identify a keyword or topic of interest and facilitate a search for it like premium customer, referral, cash of delivery, etc. This can help build a profile of your customer.

Access API: Application is handled by the brand so they can decide the capabilities.

Post Go-Live, dashboard shows count of message received and message sent (NOTE: 30K message includes both incoming and outgoing messages).

Yes you can receive and respond to messages for international numbers as well.

Currently you cannot set up non-Indian numbers for Whatsapp Customer Support, however, this feature development is in progress. It will be ready in the coming months. (Coming Soon)

Yes, WhatsApp will allow to add existing WhatsApp Business/Consumer App phone number to a WABA, but won’t allow to download certificate for docker setup until the phone number and associated account is deleted from the Business/Consumer app. Therefore we have not provided this provision on Gupshup's WhatsApp tools and APIs


Write to Gupshup support with subject line in the format "WhatsApp OTP issue: Phone number"

Yes, you can change it, just write to '' with following details - App Name, API Key, Registered Mobile Number.

Please wait

Bot developers for Line: With the release of Line Messaging API, all BOT API Trial Accounts are scheduled to be deleted. Please republish your bot according to new Line implementation, mentioned under Publish tab in My Bots section.

New tool for non-developers- Our Flow Bot Builder helps users create their bot messaging flow with a graphical editor. tool is now available for developing your NLP/AI bot.

Gupshup Enterprise APIs (SMS,Voice and Email) are now available directly in the APIs section.

New channels added for publishing bots- and your website as a web widget.

Now you can access our services including the bot builder tool using your Facebook login credentials.

Now you can delete the dummy bots created for testing from the My Bots Dashboard.

You can now access Bot specific data from your Dashboard itself.

Introducing a hassle free bot development experience for users to instantly create bots using our pre-defined restaurant templates. Check out our blog to know more.

We are removing few redundant parameters, that were being sent when a callback happens to your bot (i.e. inbound message comes to your bot).

Following is the list of parameters.

  1. sender
  2. message
  3. context

However, we will continue to send following parameters. If you are using any of the deprecated parameters, we request you to use these alternatives.

  1. senderobj
  2. messageobj
  3. contextobj

You are requested to make a note of this and do the necessary changes immediately to your bot code to keep it working. Should you need any help, please feel free to send an email to